Friday, July 1, 2011

(162-164) I'm Back

I got home on June just a couple of days ago.
(162) I spent my first night at home uploading 1500 photos and showing and explaining them to my family.
(163) The next day (yesterday) i slept in til 10 am. I then spent the whole day on my computer uploading photos to photobucket and facebook. I spent hours catching up on three episodes of the bachelorette. My day flew by. And i am not use to it staying light so late. That is surly throwing my time off..not to mention the 19 hour time difference. I didn't fall asleep until 3am.
(164) I woke up at 11am when mom came in my room and left the cat to get me up. I poured a coup of coffee and finished that paper that i planned to write before i left. The benefit of writing it after i got back: i actually enjoyed writing it. I had a better understanding of Maori culture. I ate lunch once the paper was finished. Me and mom went out and i turned in my paper and journal then we got our nails done. I got back home and found out my 3 besties are all going to be home this weekend. So much happiness right around the corner.


New Zealand was absolutely wonderful.
My words can't even begin to explain how much fun i had, the awe i was in, or the friendships i made. 
Photos can't capture this country's beauty and vibrant colors.
I wish the trip would have been longer and that all of my friends and family could have been there to experience everything i did.

New Zealand Recap
Over the next few days i will try to give a recap of my 21 days abroad.
(NZ 1)
Flew from LAX (6/7) to Auckland(6/9)...we lost a whole day due to the time difference.
We landed around 5am and had a full day ahead of us.
-lunch at Da Vincis
-sky tower
-dinner at waterfront cafe

(NZ 2)
Got lost on our way to the AUT Marae
-It was pouring
AUT Marae-lesson on maori language and leadership
(lunch included)
dinner on our own
-me and joanna walked to the grocery store
-ate left overs in the hotel room with Anna, Joanna, Cassie, and Nicki

(NZ 3) 
Muriwai Beach
-rained on us
Auckland city tour
free time
-me, joanna, and anna walked through town
dinner at O' Hagans
Foxx's bar to watch rugby
-was very, anna, and medora left after 15 minutes and got a taxi home