Friday, September 16, 2011


Wow it has been a long time since i blogged over here.
I'm sorry to have abandoned you.
In case you were wondering, I had a wonderful summer of travel, but coming back to reality....uh not as fun.

I suppose now that school is back in session i should start this whole thing up again...
...outfit of the day
...daily grind of a college student
...random/boring parts of my day
...workout reports
...eating habits
(possible new subheadings)

In the last few months some changes have occurred:
1. I haven't been sick in months. Apparently it was severe allergies. Not allowing my cat in my room and being on two allergy meds did the trick.
2. I feel like this is going to be an extremely stressful semester
3. I am doing fieldwork at the preschool on campus, which means i hear the funniest things from 3 and 4 year olds.
4. As of now i am not working. Apparently when you don't work for 4 months, HR deletes you from the system. I should be back to work soon, i hope.
5. My year without buying clothes has been completed. Hooray for shopping again.
6. i have lost track of what day i am on, so future posts will not contain (#).

The posts should be back on track in the next few days.
I guess i should find something interesting to do so that you all aren't bored to death reading about my day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

(162-164) I'm Back

I got home on June just a couple of days ago.
(162) I spent my first night at home uploading 1500 photos and showing and explaining them to my family.
(163) The next day (yesterday) i slept in til 10 am. I then spent the whole day on my computer uploading photos to photobucket and facebook. I spent hours catching up on three episodes of the bachelorette. My day flew by. And i am not use to it staying light so late. That is surly throwing my time off..not to mention the 19 hour time difference. I didn't fall asleep until 3am.
(164) I woke up at 11am when mom came in my room and left the cat to get me up. I poured a coup of coffee and finished that paper that i planned to write before i left. The benefit of writing it after i got back: i actually enjoyed writing it. I had a better understanding of Maori culture. I ate lunch once the paper was finished. Me and mom went out and i turned in my paper and journal then we got our nails done. I got back home and found out my 3 besties are all going to be home this weekend. So much happiness right around the corner.


New Zealand was absolutely wonderful.
My words can't even begin to explain how much fun i had, the awe i was in, or the friendships i made. 
Photos can't capture this country's beauty and vibrant colors.
I wish the trip would have been longer and that all of my friends and family could have been there to experience everything i did.

New Zealand Recap
Over the next few days i will try to give a recap of my 21 days abroad.
(NZ 1)
Flew from LAX (6/7) to Auckland(6/9)...we lost a whole day due to the time difference.
We landed around 5am and had a full day ahead of us.
-lunch at Da Vincis
-sky tower
-dinner at waterfront cafe

(NZ 2)
Got lost on our way to the AUT Marae
-It was pouring
AUT Marae-lesson on maori language and leadership
(lunch included)
dinner on our own
-me and joanna walked to the grocery store
-ate left overs in the hotel room with Anna, Joanna, Cassie, and Nicki

(NZ 3) 
Muriwai Beach
-rained on us
Auckland city tour
free time
-me, joanna, and anna walked through town
dinner at O' Hagans
Foxx's bar to watch rugby
-was very, anna, and medora left after 15 minutes and got a taxi home

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'll be back in 3 weeks

I'm in New Zealand 
I'll be back on June 29th

Here are the cities i am going to in case you want to know:
Te Anua

Sky tower
Muriwai Beach
Glow Worm Caves
Black Water Rafting
Kiwi House and Bird Park
Tamaki Maori Village
Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland
Buried Village of the Te Wairoa People
Polynesian Spa
Cruise the Milford Sound
Multiple Guest Speakers
School Visits

See you when i get back to the United States

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(139-141) Today is the Day

Once again i have been horrible about daily posts.
The past few days have been filled with packing and trying not to stress out.
All the stress leaves after today. Tonight i fly to New Zealand where i will be for the next 3 weeks.

Here is a mish mash of photos from the last few days to give you a taste of what i've been up to.

Outfit of the day: Monday

 Walked around long beach with Krissi

 Rolled down the hill at the lighthouse:

That's all im going to say about the last few days.

See you guys in 3 weeks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

(138) checking things off my list

There are 4 days until i leave the country and i am so stressed. 
How do i know this... emotions are all out of wack
...i cant think straight words aren't coming out right to do list is growing

Today I attempted to alleviate some stress.
-slept in til 10:45
-spent time with krissi
...lunch at BJ's
...ran errands (tj max and target)
-continued gathering things on my packing list
-made a phone call to my bank letting them know i was leaving the country so they wouldn't put a hold on my account
-bought tickets for American Idol live tour (in nashville july 30th)
-printed out paperwork for the trip
-spent lots of time on my computer

I crossed 3 things off my to-do list and 4 things off my shopping list. Slowly making progress. Taking things one day at a time...unfortunately i am running out of time.

Last night i ended up watching several movies, decorating my NZ journal, and gathering stuff to pack.
(i went to sleep at 2am)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Its been a few days since i've blogged. I am going to try to remember what i've done.

(135) Tuesday May 31st
New Zealand Class 1-4
-received packing list and luggage tag
One week til i leave

Makeup & Hair: Before and After
Outfit of the day
I don't really remember the rest of the day.
I did study for a quiz that happened on Wednesday.

(136) Wednesday June 1st
Its June!
Last New Zealand Class (12-2:20)
Quiz in a 90%
Dr. Appt. at health services at school
-She said she couldn't give me any antibiotics...which means i spent $15 to be told to use Sudafed, wash my hands constantly, not touch my face, and to disinfect everything i come into contact with. Thanks Dr. so helpful. I was not happy when i left. I was mainly frustrated that i keep getting sick and that the dr.s can't do anything to help me. I am so tired of being sick and not feeling like myself. And i'm worried about my ears and how they are going to do with flying. (they constantly feel plugged)
Came home and watched TV
finished watching the movie That's What I Am
Walked to El Burrito and treated my dad and brother to dinner
watched So You Think You Can Dance
went to bed

Outfit of the day

FYI: dry shampoo is my new favorite product...that stuff is amazing

(137) Thursday June 2nd
(5 days til i leave for NZ)
woke up at 6...couldn't fall back asleep
turned on a movie
fell back asleep 30 min. into the movie
woke up at 11am
listened to music
watched tv
ran errands with mom and susie around 2pm
spent time out back with mom
watched tv
made a categorized packing list
what does the evening hold?
...watching movies
...who knows

Monday, May 30, 2011

(134) Memorial Day

Everyone was home today. It was so weird but really nice.

I slept in til 9am
had coffee
listened to music
read a magazine (and by read i mean looked at pictures and if it looked interesting, skimmed the article)
did a mini workout
went outside
made took quite a while 
ate outside as a family
we had: bratwurst (role+caramelized onion+sauerkraut+ketchup), zucchini, and pasta salad
dessert: dump cake and drumsticks (ice cream)
so much good food
after eating i came inside and turned on a movie and worked on sudoku puzzles
took a long nap from 5:30-7pm
watched tv
at 8 i watched the bachelorette (i also had another bratwurst) and then extreme makeover weight loss edition

other stuff about today:
*throughout the day i was on polyvore and more of my favorite time wasters 
*i had multiple helpings of dump cake 
*got a little sun on my legs...i am way too white
*music that i listened to:

Movies i look forward to seeing...look really good...seem interesting