Friday, June 3, 2011

(138) checking things off my list

There are 4 days until i leave the country and i am so stressed. 
How do i know this... emotions are all out of wack
...i cant think straight words aren't coming out right to do list is growing

Today I attempted to alleviate some stress.
-slept in til 10:45
-spent time with krissi
...lunch at BJ's
...ran errands (tj max and target)
-continued gathering things on my packing list
-made a phone call to my bank letting them know i was leaving the country so they wouldn't put a hold on my account
-bought tickets for American Idol live tour (in nashville july 30th)
-printed out paperwork for the trip
-spent lots of time on my computer

I crossed 3 things off my to-do list and 4 things off my shopping list. Slowly making progress. Taking things one day at a time...unfortunately i am running out of time.

Last night i ended up watching several movies, decorating my NZ journal, and gathering stuff to pack.
(i went to sleep at 2am)

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