Saturday, April 30, 2011

(103) 21 hour day

Umm so i have been up since a little before 4 am this morning, or should i say yesterday morning.
My alarm went off at 3:45 am. I hit snooze and got out of bed at 3:50. By 4 am me and mom had arrived at Susie's to watch the Royal Wedding. 4 hours passed very quickly while watching the beautiful ceremony and exciting processionals.
Around 8:30/9ish me and mom went home to get stuff done before continuing our fun day. Mom got work done and i caught up on american idol. I was really bummed to see one of my favorites go, but i know they will have an amazing career.
At 11 am me, mom, and susie went out to "play" aka: run fun errands.
We also ate lunch at taco surf.
At 2pm i went to Erin's house so that we could go on a mini adventure. We were in search of an africa shaped cookie cutter. We went to a place called calico looked hopeful. But to no avail, they didn't have it.
We headed to the grocery store so that i could buy supplies to make rice crispy treats. I was very fortunate to find that all the ingredients i needed were on sale. Marshmallows...$.99, a huge box a rice crispies.... 2/$5. I was able to save $7.40 and my purchase was just over $10. We went over to alan party company to get meltable candy chips. So in total i spent just over $15. Not too shabby.
Me and erin spent the afternoon making multiple single and double batches. They turned out so good...if i do say so myself.
At 6 we arrived at the coffee house benefit. We got things set up. 
The night was so wonderful. Great music, good turnout, money raised for kenya hope, and time to catch up with friends.
We wrapped things up around 11pm.
Me and erin had a fun car chat. I don't know why but for some reason some of the best conversations happen while sitting in the car. I love it.
I went up to my room and felt so exhausted, yet so energized...perhaps im just loosing it due to lack of sleep. I had an impromptu photo booth session.
After this...i realized i really needed to go to bed.
I have now been up for 21 hours. 
It was a wonderful day but now it is time for it to come to an end.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

(102) the lazy college life

Warning: Today was not very interesting.
You have been forewarned.

woke up at 7:15
showered, got dressed
watched glee while i got ready for school
drank coffee, ate breakfast
went to school
paid for the new zealand trip
worked on 2 assignments that were due for my 2pm class
ate lunch-taco bell
browsed the internet
took a nap
went to class-did a short book presentation
went home
watched american idol
watched americas next top model
went to church- wonderful as usual
came home
watched grey's anatomy
went to bed

(101) Short and relaxed

Today i got to sleep in (unintentionally).
It worked out quite well. I got up at 7am and decided i would take a later bus...and knew i would still make it to class on time.
I was able to enjoy my coffee, watch morning tv, sit outside, as well as go through my normal morning routine.
At school i turned in my paper and then my professor lectured for 30min then dismissed us.
I spent my free time between class attempting to catch up on shows i missed throughout the week. The internet was being slow so i only watched the first 20 minutes of a show. The other time was spent browsing the internet.
My next class didn't do much either. She lectured/had class discussion for about 30 minutes and then she gave us time to ask questions about an upcoming assignment. We got out of class 30 minutes earlier than normal.
I rode the bus and was home just after 2pm.
I finished watching one tree hill, watched gossip girl, ate a very early dinner and got ready for work.
I worked from 4:30-11:30.
It was a really enjoyable night. I had great tables and the tips weren't too bad either. 
I ended up making 14%-not too shabby.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(100) Successful 100th day

Wow I can't believe i have been doing this blog for 100 days. 
Now there are just 400 more to go.

Today was so productive. And im not even being sarcastic. I avoided distractions and stayed focused on finishing my paper.
I worked on it before class, after class, and between classes. It was done being written at 12:30. I read through it to check for errors. Afterwards i went to class. As soon as i got home i edited my citations. (i wanted to make sure they were done properly) By the time the paper was complete it was 9 full pages of text. I believe it was the longest paper i have wrote.
It was such a relief to have it done and know that i wouldn't be stressing about it while at work or frantically writing til the wee hours of the morning.

Once the paper was completed i printed it out and then sat on the couch and relaxed. I ate tacos around 4:30 before i went to work.
I was gone from 5pm-12:20am
A long night but well worth it.
I made decent money and had an enjoyable night.

Now i am going to sleep and know that i will sleep well because a stressor has been eliminated. I love having things done ahead of time...even if it isn't even that early.

Monday, April 25, 2011

(99) Productive Monday

I am going to try to stay productive and not spend too much time on this blog.

*Picked up my stuff from around the ladies came today
*skimmed through my articles and started highlighting important info for the paper
*got out of class and continued research and writing my paper
* was such a wonderful afternoon. Some of the people remembered me and were happy to see me again.
*Home and immediately got to work on my paper.
*Ate dinner......left over steak 
*Got back to work on the paper
*the paper writing continued
*at 10pm i had 5 pages done, so i have 3 more to go. 
*I am taking my articles up to my room so that i can lay in bed and continue being productive and then fall asleep whenever i get tired enough.
*Tomorrow i will finish the last 3 pages. But i must say, I am feeling pretty good about being productive.
(i even fit in some background tv time)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

(98) Easter

What a wonderful Easter Sunday.
(In photos)
Woke up at 8:30 and had a cup of coffee...

Saw that mom had made bunny shaped pancakes...

Got dressed... I had quite the time trying to find a sweater/jacket to wear. The rain really through my outfit for a loop. It all worked out (after trying 8 different things)
We went to church as a whole family

When we came home we started making lunch

This process was interrupted with "hurry you guys have to see this"
Surprise easter egg hunt...

And i would cut myself by cracking the egg while trying to get it open...

The eggs were filled with coupons to be redeemed whenever we would like....

We ate lunch and a little while later our new dryer arrived...
Out with the old, In with the new

Then i ate some homemade strawberry pie...

I sat down on the couch ready to read and highlight 7 articles so that i could write an 8 page paper...

Well i didn't do that...Instead i watched tv and took a nap and then got stuck in a time warp of tv and internet, mainly stumble upon.
I looked up places i want to go when me and mom do our road trip, places i'm going in new zealand, and  i just looked at photos on stumble upon travel.
Mom had me watch biggest loser cause they are still in new zealand. We fastforwarded (so not a word) through all of the workouts and challenges and just watched the adventure activities and scenery.
It is getting me more and more excited. Just more than a month to go.

Throughout the day (afternoon and evening) i took some pictures of the flowers in the front yard...

Perhaps i will still get some homework done tonight. I have some time left. 
FYI this paper is due on wednesday...i suppose i should really get to work on it.

(97) Really, saturday?

It is after 1 a.m. so I am going to keep this as short as possible so that i can go to sleep.

morning: (10-12)
coffee...spilled it all over the deck-my hand spassed out or something.
sat outside on the pond deck with mom and Velcro(on a leash)
Afternoon: (12-3:30)
lunch...left over spaghetti
one tree hill...several episodes
Easy A
loaded the dishwasher
got ready for work
left for work
Evening/night/early morning: (4-12:40)
My shift was going really well. It seemed like we would be able to finish everything up early. At 10:22 a woman walked in saying she had a party of 20 people coming. We close at 10:30. Our manager made us take them even though they wouldn't be seated til after closing. Me and Ann were not thrilled about this. They weren't seated until 10:45 at the earliest. Oh and it ended up being over 25 people. 
They left around 11:45. Me, Ann, and Tyler finished cleaning and closing up the place. We finished a little after 12:30. Way too late to be at work and it was about an hour later than when we expected to leave.

So that was my day and night.
Happy Easter.
He is risen!

Friday, April 22, 2011

(96) Twofer

Twofer: an abbreviation for a two for one. The title of this blog meaning two days in one post.

Yesterday i chose to go to sleep at a reasonable hour (10pm) so that meant me sacrificing my blog time.
Its probably a good thing i didn't do a post yesterday cause i was in a really bad mood. Mainly i was brooding about one of my classes and a ridiculous time consuming assignment.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened yesterday.
I skipped my 9:30 class- so i got an extra hour of sleep and then spent 3 hours working on a computer assignment. I went to class at 1:30 and found out that my strong angry emotions were shared by many of my classmates. Basically we all can't stand this class. But i felt so much better after venting and finding out that i was receiving higher scores than other people.
Later in the evening my parents and i walked over to the park. 
Here are our findings:
Great Horned Owl

Nest with one of the Babies


Cute Squirrel

Squirrel on the move

Owl's meal, or what is left of it

Some kind of bird foot

It had interesting webbing and was rather large

Today is a new day and it was so much better than yesterday.
I volunteered from 8-12am at the Intercommunity Care Center in Long Beach. 
"Intercommunity Care Center is a 147 bed Skilled Nursing Facility which specializes in providing care to the confused, wandering, geriatric person."
What I didn't realize is that they care for people who are functioning well enough not to be in a psychiatric ward. It was a very good and interesting experience. 
I went home after 12 and was exhausted. I made some guacamole and ate it for lunch. at 1:30 Dad drove me to school. I was dreading having to be there for a few hours. When i got to class I found out that only one group was doing presentations today. I was expecting at least 2 groups. I was out of class a little bit before 3. I caught the bus shortly after arriving at the bus stop. I got home and rested. I ended up taking a nice long nap. I woke up to Velcro trying to eat my hair. (she is so weird...and she doesn't give up easily-i had to pin her down, push her away, and eventually kick her out of my room.) Around 6 i got dressed for church. 7PM was a wonderful good friday service at church. Afterwards we picked up groceries at trader joe's. We headed home and mom made spaghetti and italian sausage. It was so wonderful to hang out in the kitchen with the family.
The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching tv and playing with the crazy cat.
What a wonderful Friday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(95) Momentarily Blurred

Now that it is getting close to midnight i am having trouble remembering what happened today.
Right now all i can think about is how tired, exhausted, achey, stressed, and over work and school I am.

Im going to put my thinking cap on.
Or maybe i will sit like winnie the pooh "think...think think...think...oh bother"

It may have worked.

I got to school and spent my hour before class looking over and setting up a computer assignment.
Basically i located and saved all of the articles that i have to summarize.
I spent the rest of my time watching one tree hill online. 
While the video was buffering i skimmed the articles.

I went to class at 9:20 and was done around 10:20.
I went back to the lounge and attempted to work on the computer assignment. I quickly gave up and ended up listening to music and reading blogs.
I walked over to dr. medoras office hoping she was there so that i could pick up some fundraiser candy, but she wasn't there.
I walked back to the lounge and ate pretzels and 2 tangerines (aka lunch). 
I read part of an article that was for my 12:30 class and then couldn't keep my eyes open.
I took a 15 minute nap and then went to class.
After class i walked back to dr medoras office hoping to catch her at the tail end of office hours, but once again she was not there.
I caught the bus and headed home.
As soon as i got home i cooked some food. I was so hungry, my lunch was not filling.
I ate what i cooked and watched glee, then parenthood.

At 4pm i got ready for work and i left at 4:15.
I was at work from 4:45-10:30
My shift started off good, but then it got really busy, little things kept happening and getting messed up.
At some point i was so behind, so frustrated, so overwhelmed. I snapped. All i wanted to do was relieve the stress and scream instead, i stood by the soda machine with my mouth shut and tears rolling down my face. I am so tired of my emotions building up and bursting at inconvenient times.
I was able to get a glass of water and go to the back and take big gulps of water and take deep breaths.
I reminded myself that everything was fine. I got back out on the floor and continued my shift fairly smooth after that.

But believe me i was so over my night of work.
Let me just say, sometimes it sucks being a waitress, and tonight was just one of those nights.
Well now that i have remembered today and expressed just how awful work was, i think i will go to sleep now. Last nights 5 hours was not enough.

Tomorrow is another day. I am so grateful for that. A fresh start, different experiences, better emotions, different outlook, one day closer to the weekend.

(94) There's always tomorrow

Let me think. What did i do today???
Well it was probably a lot more productive than yesterday, right?
Let's see.

-class (9:30-10:20)
-long break between class
-watched gossip girl special features
-ate lunch (carl's jr big ($1) hamburger)
-listened to music
-took a nap off and on (mainly on) for an hour
-walked over to the library to get reliable internet access
-reviewed my classes for the fall, double checked the course numbers
-class in the children's library (2-3)
-3pm exactly, registered for fall classes
-Mom picked me up and had gone to cha for tea. She had a large black almond milk tea waiting for me. I was a very happy Holly.
-got home and unloaded groceries out of the car
-ate hummus and pita bread
-watched Ellen
-Mom picked up ethan (my cousin's 3yr old son) to watch for a few hours.
-got ready for work
-fed the fish with mom and ethan
-worked from 5:30-11:30
Finally people who know how to tip came in to eat. It is the first night in a week that i got decent tips. A much better night than those i had all last week.
-got home around 11:45
-washed my face and changed into pjs
-watched glee while writing this
(I think i will have to rewatch this episode tomorrow. Blogging and tv don't mix well. I can't focus on both equally)

SO somehow i feel like i was more productive yesterday. Today may have felt more productive, but i think that is a work illusion. School was extremely wasted.
Im starting to feel like the laziest college student ever. Maybe tomorrow i will change that by actually doing homework/studying at school.

Monday, April 18, 2011

(93) Another monday

Hello again monday. This is how i started off my week.
*class (9:30-10:10)
*planned classes with a friend
*overheard a woman on the phone trying to make reservations, "NAPA NAPA NAPA!" (she was not a happy person. This went on for quite awhile and everyone in the room kept looking over at her)
*ate lunch-chicken and broccoli from home
*class, it got out early since my teacher wasn't feeling well (12:30-1:30)
*dropped off a sees candy order at Dr. Medora's office and discussed details about New Zealand

After School:
*walked to my hair lady's house
*got my hair cut
*ate at Rascals
*went with Erin to look at an apartment

*Compy (computer) time
*ate fruit: mango and peaches
*Finished cooking the dinner mom started
*ate dinner in the kitchen with dad
*watched a rerun of project runway
*took a nap
*ate cookie dough
*was extremely lazy
*did absolutely no homework

I hope you all had a more productive evening than mine.
If not, I hope you enjoyed relaxing as much as i did.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

(92) Where did today go?

My alarm didn't go off this morning so i didn't end up waking up until 9am when my dad came in my room.
I quickly got ready for church and drank a cup of coffee.
It was bright, sunny, and warm at home so i chose to wear a skirt and a short sleeved sweater.
As we approached church we were driving into a cold haze.
Completely different weather than what was at home.

After church the parents and I went to lunch at village cafe.
I had french fries and a Cali philly cheese steak. 
When i got home I sat down with the sunday paper, looked through the ads, and then i cut coupons.
Then I took a wonderful nap on the couch.
The rest of the afternoon and evening is a blur of tv watching and internet surfing. 
(american pickers, one tree hill, extreme makeover home edition, the apprentice, 
browsed etsy vintage dishes)
Mom made cookies, and i ate cookie dough and a couple of pieces of fruit for dinner-so healthy right?

I hate when i waste my day, yet sometimes its nice not to do homework and to just enjoy doing nothing.

(91) Good start, blah end

I woke up at 9am feeling refreshed. 
It was so bright and sunny out. Unfortunately it was already really warm in the house.
I drank two large cups of coffee.
Mom made pancakes.
I watched the American idol results show and then i watched the Biggest Loser-they were in New Zealand. It just makes me more and more excited. The contestants jumped off of the sky tower-the tallest building in the southern hemisphere- and now i am tempted to do it when i go there.

I went outside and attempted to workout, but it was way too hot.
I sat outside for a little while and then went inside and watched parenthood.
I was quite lazy for the rest of the afternoon.
At some point i was sitting in the kitchen chatting with my dad and eating cheerios. Thinking back it seems like something you would see in a cheerios commercial. (child sitting with her dad in the kitchen and then doing a flash forward to it being a young adult and her dad)

At 3:30 i left for work and i got home at 11:45. I am not going to go into details about my shift, but it wasn't a worthwhile night.

Now i am laying in bed, in my hot room. I didn't think to open any windows before i left so it is still really warm in there. The problems that occur when you have upstairs in a converted attic.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

(90) Friday with Friends

I went to school in the morning and got out of class at 11:30. 
I rode the bus home.
Krissi was at my house waiting for me to get home and then we went and got lunch.
Baja Sonora. Always delicious. They have my favorite salsa. Of course i ate tons of it.
When i came home, i changed into shorts. (It was so hot outside)
Mom, susie, and i went to Armstrongs nursery and picked out beautiful plants.
I picked out pink and yellow ranunculus. Possibly my favorite flower.
After unloading the plants, i headed over to Erin's for "studying."
I only put that in quotes for myself. Everyone else was studying, but i had already spent my morning at school and i had no desire to work on my papers.
Later that night we all (me, erin, julie, chris, eddie, nick, jimmy) went to dinner.
Can you guess where we went from these not clear pictures?
Does this one help?

In case you couldn't guess, which chances are you couldn't, we went to taco surf in sunset beach.
It was so fun. There was live music, delicious food, and great friends.
Later the "study" session continued.
I watched country strong on my laptop. I also took a nice long nap around 11:30. I woke up around 12:45 and erin took me home. I felt so out of it. I think i was Sleep Wasted. I couldn't walk straight or think straight and i was completely sober. I was under the influence of a late night nap.
 When i got home and had crawled in my bed I fell right asleep

Thursday, April 14, 2011

(89) short day bliss

A shorter day.
i got to school and caught up on some blogs and a video and then headed over to class.
I got out of class at 10:30 and caught the bus home at 10:40. Wonderful timing.
I was happy to be home. In case you were wondering i didn't have any bus mishaps.
I made some phone calls and then watched recorded shows.
I took a nap.
i woke up an hour or so later but continued to rest and tried to not cough up my lungs. A pile of tissues grew on the table next to me. Ya, the sickness is hanging in there....i hate it.

At 6:30 i went to church.
So many other people are sick too.
I came home around 9:30.
Watched triple rush-a show about bike messengers (and these people are nuts)

Photo tidbits from today
(juicer, lemon, honey)
What do you do with these items?

Make a small glass of lemonade
Ending the night with a cup of tea
Details of my outfit

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(88) Highlights:Test Win, Bus Fail

i woke up this morning feeling much better than i did yesterday...still not great.
i had coffee and tried to enjoy my morning at home before going to school and facing another test.

The hour before class was spent re-reading my notes and skimming through the book.
The test was a combination of 40 true/false and multiple choice questions and 5 written response questions. It was so easy. There were only 2 maybe three multiple choice questions i wasn't quite sure about.
I was able to answer the written questions easily. Test Win.

After the test was over me and my classmate went to coffee bean and tea leaf to get something to drink. We sat outside for almost an hour and chatted about classes, the test, life, nice to chat with a friend.

I had class from 12:30 to 1:45 and then rode the bus home.
I chose not to listen to music on the ride. I enjoy listening to peoples conversations. I know its eavesdropping but i don't care. 
My stop finally arrived. I went to stand up and grabbed my backpack, but it didn't move very far. The strap was stuck in between the seats. I kept pulling at it but it wouldn't budge. There were several people watching me struggle. Everyone who had to get off at this stop had already exited the bus and the doors had shut. Someone sitting nearby yelled for the bus driver to "hold up" as he was slowly starting to continue the route. One of the people nearby was able to get my strap out from between the seat. Apparently my muscles weren't good enough to do it. I was able to make it off the bus before the driver had pulled away from the stop. The sad part is that this isn't the first time my backpacks strap has got stuck. This has actually happened multiple times. It was the first time its ever held me up or made it to where i couldn't get it out on my own. Bus Fail.

I got home around 2:20 and had a bite to eat, drank some emergen-c and caught up on youtube videos.

I worked from 4:30 to 9:30 tonight. I was so happy to be off at a reasonable hour. 
Since its just after 10, i think i will try to get a good 7 hours of sleep so that i can try and fight this cold off.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(87) The dileo

So here is the dileo AKA "the deal"
(Yes, i sometimes use really weird words and/or phrases.)

-Im sick, which really sucks
- I had two tests today, double suck
-I have a test tomorrow, yuck

Here is how my day went:
arrive at school
nap...couldn't keep my eyes open
test...not too bad
drink tea...caffeine, much needed 
study.... for hours
test-freak many short answer questions...brain dead
go home
take a lot of medicine...dayquil, advil, emergen-c, nasal spray
work...the meds worked...i was happy and with it
bad tips...nice people...bad tippers
alka seltzer cold plus
study...last test this week some point

I hope everyone had a much better day than me....if not i am truly sorry, and have deep sympathy for whatever made it worse. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

(86) blaaaaahhhhhhh

Oh monday.....I think i will start off on a good note.
I had a very productive school day.
*finished a study guide-the test is tomorrow(tuesday)
*copied definitions for a test on wednesday
*read the articles for my 12:30 class
Its wonderful what can get done when i don't bring my laptop and bring my textbooks instead.

Now for what got done once i was home, or should i say what didn't get done.
*i made a late lunch
*took a nap
*woke up with a sore throat....grrrrrrr. Can i please shoot my body or at least get a new immune system
*watched tv
*spent too much time on the computer
*didn't do my study guide for CDFS 214-i have a test tomorrow
*didn't do the write up for my observation
*ate frequently...i was so munchy

As crummy as i am feeling about my lack of motivation this afternoon/evening, the good news is i still have plenty of time between classes tomorrow to study and get my assignment done. I just wish i didn't have a sore throat.
FYI: Zicam is going to be my new friend. I sure hope it works.

Little Pick Me Ups-
Things to make me feel better aside from medicine
*Only having 6 weeks, including finals, until summer.
*Remembering that i have less than 2 months until new zealand.
*Seeing pretty yellow daffodils on the mantle.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

(85) Sunday List

My sunday list of happenings:
*coffee outside by the pond
*got dressed
(vintage shoes, straight leg dark jeans, white embellished tank, light brown leather belt, yellow sweater)
*coupon cutting
*grocery list
*grocery shopping
*Saving Money
*americas next top model
*sister wives
*extreme couponing
*bed time

An all around wonderful day. 

(84) Semi-Satisfying Saturday

I woke up at 9am this morning. I suppose one could say i slept in, yet i don't really think its sleeping in when you didn't go to bed until after one. I still only got 8 hours of sleep, which i suppose is better than my usual 6 hours. Oh and i could have easily slept longer. I forced myself to get up so that i could be productive and actually get stuff done.

I had a cup of coffee and enjoyed my morning internet searching, wishing, and dreaming. (this includes looking at clothes i cant buy, looking at creative DIY blogs, and searching things on etsy that i don't need to buy)

At 10am i started studying. I went out back and enjoyed the warm sun and cold air. I was out there for two hours while my parents were working around the yard.
At 12 i went inside and made lunch for the fam.
At 1 went back outside to keep studying. I stopped at 2:30 and went inside to start getting ready for work.
I took my time doing my makeup and did my hair quickly-first attempt and it turned out how i wanted. Today i used myself as my creative outlet. My hair was slicked back with my part to the side. I put my hair in a ponytail and then twisted it into a low bun. I used a hair tie and then secured it with large bobby pins. It ended up looking very ballerina-esque.

At 3:30 i left for work. My shift started off at 4 and started off on a bad foot. I had horrible tips right from the start. I went on break at 5 and ate some food hoping it would help my mood. (it didn't help) Things didn't start to improve until around 7:30. I was closing tonight and didn't end up finishing until 11:30. The good news is i got to close with my friend Ann. She took me home and we ended up sitting in the car for about 40 minutes chatting. I love car chats with friends.

(I went in my room and realized i should take a picture of my hair...I got caught up in photo booth.) 
This should give you an essence of "my look" today.
(wow i just realized my clavicle bones stick out really far...thats kind of disturbing)
Anyways its after one am... i think this previous statement should be a sign that i need to go to sleep now.
I hope everyone is having a satisfying and fun weekend.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

(83) Productive friday

Today i was planning to observe at the preschool on campus. I got there early so i grabbed something to eat and hung out in the lounge until 9am.
I went to the building and found out the center was having an open house. No kids were there to observe. FAIL. So i waited around until 10am when class was going to start. I went to the earlier class instead of going at 2pm.
I got out of class at 12 and went to the gym for 30 minutes.
around 1 mom came and picked me up on her way home from work. Instead of going straight home i decided it would be a good idea to run some errands.
I went to the credit union and closed my account-i didn't use it anymore.
me and mom went to lunch and i got to enjoy a slice of strawberry pie-my favorite.
We stopped by the house so that i could pick up money to be deposited.
We went to the bank and i ended up depositing over $4,000. I've been holding out on myself.
around 4 i laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I didn't wake up until 7:30. Clearly its been an exhausting week. 
At 8pm the whole family gathered up baskets of dirty laundry and went to the laundromat.
We ended up using 10 washers and 3 huge dryers to get the laundry done. We finished around 9:45- all of the laundry was folded and in baskets for each person. 
I spent the rest of the night hanging out with my parents and Velcro.
I ended my night by YouTubing new zealand videos and watching ones on the different places im going and activities i will get to do.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

(82) Feeling Good

So this has been a crazy week, but all of the madness has subsided. 
Today's madness included:
-writing the outline for my parent program (due friday) before my 9:30 class.
(i love that i am productive in the morning)
-I drew the diagrams for my micro teaching project (due at 2) after my 9:30 class got out.
-ate lunch-panda express
-made an attempt to work on a study guide
-listened to music and read blogs instead of studying
-went to class then went home around 3:15
-5:30 got taxes done
-6:00 new zealand meeting 
-8:00-10:00 ate dinner from deli news, watched american idol results show, and finished my parent project
-10-10:30 dealt with the computer being crazy and printed out my project
10:35 went up to bed. This is possibly the earliest i have been in bed this week.
Now i can sleep well knowing all of this weeks madness is over.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(81) Momentary Relief

It has been yet another busy and tiring day.
I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night which made me feel like a zombie today. 
I spent my hour before class writing my micro-teaching assignment on gross motor skills.
I nearly fell asleep during my 12:30 class. Lets just say, movies and lack of sleep don't mix well together.
I got home around 2 and ate a soft taco and then took a nap.
When i woke up from my nap i got ready for work and then left shortly after.
I worked from 4:30 to about 8:30. (this is the earliest i've been off in a very long time)
I got home a little after 9. It was time to finish this project. I did the write up on dramatic play. I finished at 10:45. It was such a relief to have this assignment done at a reasonable hour. All i have left is to draw some diagrams-i will do this at school tomorrow.
Tomorrow also marks the beginning of another stressful day. I have to work on another project- due on friday.
So as good as it feels now to have something completed or at least nearly completed, it is only short lived. Thankfully my stress level should be dropping after friday.
(I just have to choose to not think about the three tests that are next week.)

(80) Working out as planned

It is after midnight and i just got home from work, so i have no desire to go through the entire days happenings.
Here are the important things:
1. I completed my miniproject (due wednesday) before my 9:30 am class this morning.
I got to check one more assignment off my list!
2. I typed out the format for my micro-teaching project-it was a start.
3. I was able to sign up for my fieldwork class. I even got the days that i had originally planned my schedule around. I love it when things work out how they were planned. (for awhile i thought i would be taking this class during the summer of 2012-it would have been awful-6weeks of working at a preschool 7am-5:30pm 5 days a week. Taking it in the fall means i am in the classroom 6 hours a week-much more manageable)
Ok that is all i am motivated to write.

Monday, April 4, 2011

(79) Success and a plan

Spring Break is officially over.
I woke up at 6am and never really fell back alseep during my 15minutes of "snooze."
My mind was ready to start the day and I was motivated.

Before class started i was able to finish up one of my paragraphs for the paper i was working on.
Unfortunately i didn't have my book, so i couldn't get more done at school.

It was a good back to school day post spring break. (i know that is a horrible and unclear sentence but i've been writing for hours...cut me some slack)
I got home around 2:15 and immediately went back to working on my paper.
At 4 i went with erin to look at a studio apartment.
I got my baby fix there. We had gone outside to look at the parking situation. A mom and her little girl were outside. The little girl toddled over to me and put her arms out. SO I asked the mom if i could pick her up. The mom had no problem with that. SO i got to hold this adorable little girl. She was maybe one years old.

I got back home around 5. I ate dinner and then i realized i was too tired to do anything productive. I took a nap from 6:30 to 7:15. When i woke up i got right back to working on my paper. The paper was done by 9:45. It was supposed to be a minimum of 6 pages, mine ended up being 8. I think i did well-normally i did the minimum, so i feel good about doing more than that.

Here is the homework plan for the rest of the week:
tuesday: write my miniproject paper between classes.(due wed), Start my micro teaching assignment.
Wednesday:complete micro teaching assignment(due thursday), research for parent project.
Thursday: Complete the outline for the parent project (due friday)
It is not going to be a fun week but all of my nights are full, so my days have to be productive otherwise i am doomed.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

(78) Ashamed

I am so horrible. I still didn't get much today. I did work on homework though. I didn't complete anything.
Worst student ever.....probably not....worst student i've ever been....definitely

I did however enjoy the time i didn't spend doing school stuff.
I didn't wake up until 9:45-guess im not going to church.
i went downstairs and was surprised to see that my parents weren't ready for church.
Mom cooked good.
I did a little bit of homework.
I ran errands with my parents.
did a little bit more homework.
dilly dallied on the computer-distracted myself from what i needed to be doing.
Played with velcro-the cat-not the adhesive.
ate dinner and watched the ACM's -i sure love country music.

FYI: i am dreading going back to school tomorrow. Can't it just be mid may already. June 7th would be even better, but i'm trying not to push it.

What to expect in this weeks blog posts:
complaining about...
...being tired
and im sure i will come up with some others.
Prepare yourself for a depressing week to come. My apologies in advance...It's just a part of my life-the good the bad and the annoying.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

(77) Can i press the skip button?

I slept in again this morning. Somehow the days i sleep in are my least productive. Isn't sleep supposed to leave you refreshed, energized, and ready to start the day. Today it left me lazy and lethargic. 

I sat down in "my chair" and sipped on my cup of coffee and worked on a couple of blog posts. 
I first wrote day 76 of this blog and then i moved on to one for welcome to my closet. It was about clothes that i would buy for spring, if i could. That took up quite a bit of time. Also during that time i got sucked into a project runway marathon. Too dangerous-there went hours of time.

Once again, no homework got worked on today. WHAT is wrong with me????
I know that it has to get done and that i won't have much time during the week. I work on tuesday and wednesday and I have something due everyday from tuesday to friday. I'm doomed.

I left for work at 3:30 and got home around 11.
There went my day.
So tomorrow, papers will be written, research will be done, assignments will be started, and other(s) will be finished. 
Can it just be friday evening already. Then all of this would be behind me...oh wait, then i have tests and more projects....gahhhh. Just 6 more weeks of class and finals to get through and just 2 more months until new zealand (one of the thing that is getting me through all of these classes) 

(76) Oops

Ummm I'm a day behind....OOPS. Last night i was watching a movie and couldn't keep my eyes open.  I gave in to sleep and never got a post up yesterday.

The plan for friday(yesterday) was to spend the day doing homework.
I got absolutely no homework worked on. YIKES!
Somehow i knew this would happen. I always think, i will do this on this day and that on that day and it will all be done well before it is due and i will be so happy it is finished. Then somewhere along the line, usually at the beginning of that plan, things get all messed up. I just don't due the things i am supposed to.
Eventually it all gets done, but not without tons of stress and unenjoyable rushing.

SO back to yesterday.
I enjoyed my morning by sleeping in and then finishing the last few pages of my book-i couldn't keep my eyes open the night before to finish it.
My dad didn't have work that day so there were even more distractions around the house. (I can be distracted by anything when there is something i need to be working on-yet don't want to do)
I watched greys anatomy and was not very impressed by their musical episode. I found it hard to watch, and it distracted me from the plot and dialogue. When that finished, dad and i watched parenthood. Then I thought I would do some homework. Instead i revised the calendar with all of the assignment due dates. That counts as schoolwork, right? Ok probably not.
A little while later, after realizing i wasn't going to be productive, I chose to watch a documentary about models called "Picture Me." It followed the life of a model from the time she was 19 until she was in her mid to later 20s.
In the afternoon close to evening, me and dad ran some errands. We went to home depot and then to lowes to look at dryers. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.
We dropped the groceries off at home and then grabbed some coupons and got dinner at wienerschnitzel. 
I had an ice cream cone, fries, and 2 corn dogs. Derlicious.
Krissi came by the house around that time to pick up a book and i also loaned her water for elephants.
I don't even remember what i did after dinner, but i went up to my room at 10 and started watching a movie and then fell asleep.
It was such a wasted day...but that's what spring break is for. At least i think it is.

Friday, April 1, 2011

(75) A long adventurous day

I didn't end up going to bed until 2am last night....i just couldn't stop reading.
I woke up around 7:15 this morning from a text alert from my bank, informing me that i had spent over my "normal($125)-pre set" amount.
I decided to get up and start my day instead of sleep in.
I did some more laundry and read some more.
Around 9:45 i walked down to the laundromat rolling the laundry basket of wet clothes behind me. I'm sure i looked really weird...but i just wanted dry clothes.
I spent around 45 minutes at the laundromat and then i walked back home with my basket of dry clothes.
Around 11:15 another adventure began. 
Today the filming of a spoof music video was started. We were at the church from 11:30-5:30 working on it. Then around 5:30 the worship band started practicing. I was singing tonight so i had to ditch part of the video making time.
After church a big group of us went to Denny's. We ended up being there for 2 hours. 
I got home around 11:30.
My dad was still up so we chatted. I always love dad chats.
Now I am about to finish the last 30 pages of water for elephants and then go to sleep.
Tomorrow i can sleep in but then i have to get to work on homework and other school stuff.
So not the way spring break should end.