Thursday, April 28, 2011

(101) Short and relaxed

Today i got to sleep in (unintentionally).
It worked out quite well. I got up at 7am and decided i would take a later bus...and knew i would still make it to class on time.
I was able to enjoy my coffee, watch morning tv, sit outside, as well as go through my normal morning routine.
At school i turned in my paper and then my professor lectured for 30min then dismissed us.
I spent my free time between class attempting to catch up on shows i missed throughout the week. The internet was being slow so i only watched the first 20 minutes of a show. The other time was spent browsing the internet.
My next class didn't do much either. She lectured/had class discussion for about 30 minutes and then she gave us time to ask questions about an upcoming assignment. We got out of class 30 minutes earlier than normal.
I rode the bus and was home just after 2pm.
I finished watching one tree hill, watched gossip girl, ate a very early dinner and got ready for work.
I worked from 4:30-11:30.
It was a really enjoyable night. I had great tables and the tips weren't too bad either. 
I ended up making 14%-not too shabby.

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