Saturday, April 2, 2011

(76) Oops

Ummm I'm a day behind....OOPS. Last night i was watching a movie and couldn't keep my eyes open.  I gave in to sleep and never got a post up yesterday.

The plan for friday(yesterday) was to spend the day doing homework.
I got absolutely no homework worked on. YIKES!
Somehow i knew this would happen. I always think, i will do this on this day and that on that day and it will all be done well before it is due and i will be so happy it is finished. Then somewhere along the line, usually at the beginning of that plan, things get all messed up. I just don't due the things i am supposed to.
Eventually it all gets done, but not without tons of stress and unenjoyable rushing.

SO back to yesterday.
I enjoyed my morning by sleeping in and then finishing the last few pages of my book-i couldn't keep my eyes open the night before to finish it.
My dad didn't have work that day so there were even more distractions around the house. (I can be distracted by anything when there is something i need to be working on-yet don't want to do)
I watched greys anatomy and was not very impressed by their musical episode. I found it hard to watch, and it distracted me from the plot and dialogue. When that finished, dad and i watched parenthood. Then I thought I would do some homework. Instead i revised the calendar with all of the assignment due dates. That counts as schoolwork, right? Ok probably not.
A little while later, after realizing i wasn't going to be productive, I chose to watch a documentary about models called "Picture Me." It followed the life of a model from the time she was 19 until she was in her mid to later 20s.
In the afternoon close to evening, me and dad ran some errands. We went to home depot and then to lowes to look at dryers. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.
We dropped the groceries off at home and then grabbed some coupons and got dinner at wienerschnitzel. 
I had an ice cream cone, fries, and 2 corn dogs. Derlicious.
Krissi came by the house around that time to pick up a book and i also loaned her water for elephants.
I don't even remember what i did after dinner, but i went up to my room at 10 and started watching a movie and then fell asleep.
It was such a wasted day...but that's what spring break is for. At least i think it is.

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