Thursday, April 7, 2011

(82) Feeling Good

So this has been a crazy week, but all of the madness has subsided. 
Today's madness included:
-writing the outline for my parent program (due friday) before my 9:30 class.
(i love that i am productive in the morning)
-I drew the diagrams for my micro teaching project (due at 2) after my 9:30 class got out.
-ate lunch-panda express
-made an attempt to work on a study guide
-listened to music and read blogs instead of studying
-went to class then went home around 3:15
-5:30 got taxes done
-6:00 new zealand meeting 
-8:00-10:00 ate dinner from deli news, watched american idol results show, and finished my parent project
-10-10:30 dealt with the computer being crazy and printed out my project
10:35 went up to bed. This is possibly the earliest i have been in bed this week.
Now i can sleep well knowing all of this weeks madness is over.

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