Saturday, April 30, 2011

(103) 21 hour day

Umm so i have been up since a little before 4 am this morning, or should i say yesterday morning.
My alarm went off at 3:45 am. I hit snooze and got out of bed at 3:50. By 4 am me and mom had arrived at Susie's to watch the Royal Wedding. 4 hours passed very quickly while watching the beautiful ceremony and exciting processionals.
Around 8:30/9ish me and mom went home to get stuff done before continuing our fun day. Mom got work done and i caught up on american idol. I was really bummed to see one of my favorites go, but i know they will have an amazing career.
At 11 am me, mom, and susie went out to "play" aka: run fun errands.
We also ate lunch at taco surf.
At 2pm i went to Erin's house so that we could go on a mini adventure. We were in search of an africa shaped cookie cutter. We went to a place called calico looked hopeful. But to no avail, they didn't have it.
We headed to the grocery store so that i could buy supplies to make rice crispy treats. I was very fortunate to find that all the ingredients i needed were on sale. Marshmallows...$.99, a huge box a rice crispies.... 2/$5. I was able to save $7.40 and my purchase was just over $10. We went over to alan party company to get meltable candy chips. So in total i spent just over $15. Not too shabby.
Me and erin spent the afternoon making multiple single and double batches. They turned out so good...if i do say so myself.
At 6 we arrived at the coffee house benefit. We got things set up. 
The night was so wonderful. Great music, good turnout, money raised for kenya hope, and time to catch up with friends.
We wrapped things up around 11pm.
Me and erin had a fun car chat. I don't know why but for some reason some of the best conversations happen while sitting in the car. I love it.
I went up to my room and felt so exhausted, yet so energized...perhaps im just loosing it due to lack of sleep. I had an impromptu photo booth session.
After this...i realized i really needed to go to bed.
I have now been up for 21 hours. 
It was a wonderful day but now it is time for it to come to an end.

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