Sunday, April 17, 2011

(91) Good start, blah end

I woke up at 9am feeling refreshed. 
It was so bright and sunny out. Unfortunately it was already really warm in the house.
I drank two large cups of coffee.
Mom made pancakes.
I watched the American idol results show and then i watched the Biggest Loser-they were in New Zealand. It just makes me more and more excited. The contestants jumped off of the sky tower-the tallest building in the southern hemisphere- and now i am tempted to do it when i go there.

I went outside and attempted to workout, but it was way too hot.
I sat outside for a little while and then went inside and watched parenthood.
I was quite lazy for the rest of the afternoon.
At some point i was sitting in the kitchen chatting with my dad and eating cheerios. Thinking back it seems like something you would see in a cheerios commercial. (child sitting with her dad in the kitchen and then doing a flash forward to it being a young adult and her dad)

At 3:30 i left for work and i got home at 11:45. I am not going to go into details about my shift, but it wasn't a worthwhile night.

Now i am laying in bed, in my hot room. I didn't think to open any windows before i left so it is still really warm in there. The problems that occur when you have upstairs in a converted attic.

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