Monday, April 11, 2011

(86) blaaaaahhhhhhh

Oh monday.....I think i will start off on a good note.
I had a very productive school day.
*finished a study guide-the test is tomorrow(tuesday)
*copied definitions for a test on wednesday
*read the articles for my 12:30 class
Its wonderful what can get done when i don't bring my laptop and bring my textbooks instead.

Now for what got done once i was home, or should i say what didn't get done.
*i made a late lunch
*took a nap
*woke up with a sore throat....grrrrrrr. Can i please shoot my body or at least get a new immune system
*watched tv
*spent too much time on the computer
*didn't do my study guide for CDFS 214-i have a test tomorrow
*didn't do the write up for my observation
*ate frequently...i was so munchy

As crummy as i am feeling about my lack of motivation this afternoon/evening, the good news is i still have plenty of time between classes tomorrow to study and get my assignment done. I just wish i didn't have a sore throat.
FYI: Zicam is going to be my new friend. I sure hope it works.

Little Pick Me Ups-
Things to make me feel better aside from medicine
*Only having 6 weeks, including finals, until summer.
*Remembering that i have less than 2 months until new zealand.
*Seeing pretty yellow daffodils on the mantle.

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