Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(94) There's always tomorrow

Let me think. What did i do today???
Well it was probably a lot more productive than yesterday, right?
Let's see.

-class (9:30-10:20)
-long break between class
-watched gossip girl special features
-ate lunch (carl's jr big ($1) hamburger)
-listened to music
-took a nap off and on (mainly on) for an hour
-walked over to the library to get reliable internet access
-reviewed my classes for the fall, double checked the course numbers
-class in the children's library (2-3)
-3pm exactly, registered for fall classes
-Mom picked me up and had gone to cha for tea. She had a large black almond milk tea waiting for me. I was a very happy Holly.
-got home and unloaded groceries out of the car
-ate hummus and pita bread
-watched Ellen
-Mom picked up ethan (my cousin's 3yr old son) to watch for a few hours.
-got ready for work
-fed the fish with mom and ethan
-worked from 5:30-11:30
Finally people who know how to tip came in to eat. It is the first night in a week that i got decent tips. A much better night than those i had all last week.
-got home around 11:45
-washed my face and changed into pjs
-watched glee while writing this
(I think i will have to rewatch this episode tomorrow. Blogging and tv don't mix well. I can't focus on both equally)

SO somehow i feel like i was more productive yesterday. Today may have felt more productive, but i think that is a work illusion. School was extremely wasted.
Im starting to feel like the laziest college student ever. Maybe tomorrow i will change that by actually doing homework/studying at school.

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