Sunday, April 3, 2011

(78) Ashamed

I am so horrible. I still didn't get much today. I did work on homework though. I didn't complete anything.
Worst student ever.....probably not....worst student i've ever been....definitely

I did however enjoy the time i didn't spend doing school stuff.
I didn't wake up until 9:45-guess im not going to church.
i went downstairs and was surprised to see that my parents weren't ready for church.
Mom cooked good.
I did a little bit of homework.
I ran errands with my parents.
did a little bit more homework.
dilly dallied on the computer-distracted myself from what i needed to be doing.
Played with velcro-the cat-not the adhesive.
ate dinner and watched the ACM's -i sure love country music.

FYI: i am dreading going back to school tomorrow. Can't it just be mid may already. June 7th would be even better, but i'm trying not to push it.

What to expect in this weeks blog posts:
complaining about...
...being tired
and im sure i will come up with some others.
Prepare yourself for a depressing week to come. My apologies in advance...It's just a part of my life-the good the bad and the annoying.

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