Thursday, March 31, 2011

(74) Nothing goes quite as planned

So i semi planned out what i would be doing today and actually accomplished a fair amount of it.
I woke up and poured myself a cup of coffee and went back to my room.
(i knew if i didn't go directly up to my room, i wouldn't be back there till way later. It would have been an unproductive day)
I picked up and sorted all of my dirty laundry and put all of my clean laundry on my bed.
I brought all of my laundry down to the garage so that i could start washing it.
I put on a load and threw the clothes from the washer into the dryer.
I went back in the house and enjoyed my coffee and browsed the internet. 
A while later i switched the load of laundry over and began a new load.
I went back in the house and lounged on the couch reading water for elephants. 
This process continued for hours-until 2 o'clock.
I went to check on the dryer. It had been over an hour since i had put the clothes in the dryer. They were still wet. I set the dryer again and hoped it would dry. I went out 45 minutes later. No change in dryness.
The dryer was broken.  Of course i was on a time crunch. It was around 3 and i had to leave for work at 4. All of my jeans, (i wear jeans for work), were in that load of laundry. Thankfully i live near a laundromat and was able to get them dried. I made it back home with about 20 minutes to spare. Just enough time to get ready.

Also somewhere in that time frame me and mom discovered we have a bee problem. There were a couple buzzing in the house. Mom killed several and they just kept appearing. They were nesting in the chimney. While i was at work a fire was put on to exterminate them. I believe it worked. At least i sure hope it did. 

I felt like i accomplished a fair amount today, but I just realized that when i go up to my room i still have to face the laundry that needs to be put away. It's always something.
And tomorrow...i may have to spend some time at the laundromat finishing the laundry that i started today.
But for now, i will shower, read a little more, and then hit the hay.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(71-73) Palm Desert Vacation

Sunday we (Christina, Krissi, Tulsi, and myself) headed out to palm desert. We passed through blue cloudy sky, rain, and clear sky. We also drove through city, hills, and eventually arrived in the desert surrounded by palm trees and mountains in the distance.
We stayed at the Marimonte Resort. It is a beautiful place with spanish style buildings.

On the first day we:
- laid out by the pool
-went to souplantation for dinner
-Jacuzzied it up

On monday.... 
-we woke up around 9am.
-We all went to the gym to work out.
 -came back to the room and ate breakfast (food we brought with us)
-got cleaned up and rested for a little while
-went to lunch (panera/ chipotle)
-came back to the resort
-pool from 1:30-5ish

-started reading water for elephants
-we each ordered a drink (i got a mudslide-so good)
-around 5 we went back to the room and got ready to go out for the night
-we walked around and then got dinner at a pub place-i have no idea what it was called

-when we got back to the room we relaxed and turned in for the night
FYI: i did not get sunburned (this is a big accomplishment for me- I actually have slight tan lines!)

Our last day :(
I woke up around 9 and went outside on our little patio and read for a little while.
We ordered breakfast from the resort to use up the rest of our $50 worth of room charge.
We packed up and then checked out around 10:30 or so.
We got back to long beach after 1pm.
Christina and I decided that we wanted to get a message. We were able to get an appointment at message envy. It was so great to to end this vacation with even more relaxing and tension release by getting a message.
Now i am home and wishing the vacation could have been longer. Unfortunately, reality has to set back in. The rest of my spring break has to be spent doing laundry, cleaning my room, and doing homework/papers/projects for almost all(4/5) of my classes. I am going to spend my mornings relaxing with a cup of coffee and reading-i have to finish this book this week, otherwise it probably won't happen for a while.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

(70) Spring Break, You are great.

It was earlyish morning(8:30) when me, krissi, and emily hit the road headed for hesperia for sarah's baby shower. 
It was so good to see sarah and her bump. She got tons of adorable baby stuff. The blanket I made was a hit- im glad i decided to make it (gotta love last minute details).

I got home around 3 and was wiped. I ended up sleeping/zoning out for hours.
At some point i realized i'm going on a minivacation tomorrow and haven't packed. I also realized that laundry has not been done in quite some time. Lucky for me, Palm Springs weather will be in the low 80s. That means all of the clothes i've been wearing lately wont even be needed.
I have clean spring/summer clothes!
I packed shorts, dresses, tank tops, a couple of lightweight sweaters, and a swimsuit. Aside from a pair of pants, i think i'm set. Yah yah, i have a few other things to pack too, but at least i don't have to do laundry.
Here is where i will be for the next few days.
Ummm yah, I am so looking forward to a few relaxing days with friends.
If i don't get any posts up over the next few days, well can you blame me....I will be back on Tuesday.

My contest prize came in the mail today:
Plum Willow t-shirt
Autographed photo of Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury)

Friday, March 25, 2011

(69) Spontaneity and Productiveness

I didn't have class today and i still ended up waking up at 8 am.  I wish my body would have let me sleep longer.
My mom had the day off so this morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my laptop and sat in bed with her. She was reading and i was listening to music and playing on the computer.

Around 10:30 or 11 i started a baby quilt. I worked on that for a few hours and then got a text message from erin. Today we were finally able to go to the FIDM museum. We had been trying to find a time to go for the past few months but my schedule never worked. So today was the day. We headed to LA around 1:40. The museum features costumes from the movies. Some included: Robin Hood, Inception, Burlesque, The last air bender, chronicles of narnia, the young victoria......
It was so neat to see the detail of the costumes and really get an idea of what all goes into fashion design for costumes.
Here are a couple of photos from our LA adventure.
Ummm...we got briefly lost trying to find our way back to the freeway and ended up in chinatown.

I got home and finished the blanket i was making.

I made dinner tonight: Ravioli and tomato sauce with artichoke. When i finished eating, emily came over and we got some of the finishing elements for the gift and wrapping.
I washed the blanket and then me and emily put together the gift basket for the baby shower.
Note: putting the gift together was not an easy task at the beginning. I had the wrong box...we switched to a basket for all the items to go in. It got much easier after that.

And of course i made the card too.

I am still sick, but am feeling better little by little.
Unfortunately, my mom is getting sick. I guess i passed it on....Oops.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

(68) I think i'm dying

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. The main issue with today's round of symptoms was that my nose was stuffy and constantly running. This is an awful thing to deal with when at home and is super embarrassing when at school. I was blowing my nose so much and i knew people kept looking at me like what is she doing here, just go home so you don't get the rest of us sick. Trust me, I really wanted to be home, and if i hadn't of already missed this set of classes earlier this week, i would have been home. Instead i got to spend my day feeling miserable at school.

I made it through my school day with the help of a special delivery from emily and her mom. They brought me cha for tea during my break between classes.

When i got home a new symptom of the day had worsened. I had a terrible cough. The one that is painful and doesn't stop. It made me short of breath and continue to wheeze. No amount of cough medicine or cough drops was doing the trick. Have i mentioned i hate being sick and that i was dealing with these same symptoms just a few months back, as in january.

I managed to pull myself together enough to spend time with emily and krissi.
We had dinner at taco surf and then went to the cerritos mall to look for a necklace. 
It was a wonderful and entertaining time. We all have fun no matter what we end up doing-its great to have wonderful friends.

The best part about tomorrow.....
I don't have friday class, so spring break can officially begin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(67) Recovery

I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday but definitely not running at 100%
I took some daytime cold and flu medicine and that held me over for a little while.
I nearly fell asleep during my first class.
I continued my soup and tea regimen and it kept me going until i could get home and rest.
I spent my afternoon and evening laying down napping or sitting in my usual spot vegging in front of the tv. As great as this is, it's not very productive.

Around 8, Emily came over and we headed to target where we bought baby shower gifts. There is so much cute baby stuff out there.
While at target i also stocked up on real cold fighting stuff. i bought day time cold and cough medicine and night time robitussin. I have got to kick this ongoing virus to the curb. I cannot stand to be sick any longer.

Note: if any of this is not clear, i blame it on the nighttime cold medicine.

(the girls in the green shamrock shirts are my cousin's twin daughters)

How Do You Get To God? from FCCHB on Vimeo.
Umm my favorite part is around 42 seconds.
"see my leprechaun"
i couldn't stop laughing the first time i watched it.
I hope you enjoyed this as much, if not more, as i did.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(66) Sick Day

I woke up this morning an hour later than normal. I slept through my alarm. This NEVER happens. Clearly there was something wrong. I felt so sick this morning. My throat hurt, my body ached, and i was still so tired. I chose to skip my first class but not to miss my 2 o'clock class.
I made myself some tea and curled up in a blanket.
I watched some morning television and fell asleep off and on from 8-1. I was supposed to leave for the bus at 12:40. That didn't happen and i felt so sick i didn't even care that i was missing class. (oh yeah, i also never miss class. It takes a lot for me to not go) 
I was supposed to work today at 5:30 but i couldn't do that either. Called in sick this morning and tried to get someone to cover my shift.

So my day has been spent sleeping, drowning myself in tea, and eating soup. 
I sure hope i wake up feeling better tomorrow.
I can't deal with missing two days of classes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

(65) I'm a Winner

I had so many wins today,(FYI,5 is so many) and only one minor fail.

I will start with a fail. 
I woke up with a sore throat today. WHY oh Why does this have to happen. For those of you who don't know, I've been fighting sickness since november. I am not thrilled for it to be back.

Now for some wins.
1. I was skeptical about wearing rain boots this morning, but it definitely paid off. It started pouring and i was armed with my boots and umbrella. I love it when i am prepared.
2. My group presented our video today. My group was happy with how it came together and our teacher thought we did well too.
3. I ate some pudding this evening and was so surprised by what was inside.
The lid had a smiley face on the inside. I was so cool. It made me feel special.
4. I finished my collage project. It's only taken over a week. I think it looks good, and i hope the recipient likes it.
Last but most definitely not least........
If i remember correctly, I won a gift card and a signed autograph photo of someone from the glee cast. Pretty cool!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

(64) Rainy Sunday

I started my morning at 7am-got dressed and had coffee then breakfast.
At 8am me, mom, and susie headed over to the antique market. We were there for less than one hour and then got rained out. We headed home with our one purchase (6 new, old dining room chairs for $75). It was nice to spend my time before work in sweatpants, cuddled in my soft fuzzy blanket, and hearing the rain outside. This extra time also allowed me to continue editing a video for a group project.

Today concluded the last day of my 4 day work week. 
It was tiring but well worth it.
Today was one of two Sundays that i have ever worked in the past four years. It was kinda weird to be there. Thankfully my manager had agreed to not keep me too late since i was doing them a favor by working. I was off by 4:30. Such a relief.

I got home and put my sweatpants back on and used the rest of the night to finish up projects.
I finished editing and posting a video and then i finished my collage (personal-gift) project.

As always the weekend went bye so fast. I am so glad this is the last week to get through before spring break.
Here's what's coming up:
monday-project presentation(video)
thursday-paper due
saturday-baby shower
sunday-tuesday-palm springs

I am getting to bed early(10:30) so that i am nicely rested for tomorrow and so that i can start this week off on a good foot.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

(63) Wiped

I got up around 8 this morning. I sat and enjoyed my coffee while browsing the web and listening to Adele. Then i went on polyvore and started creating. Then i created a welcome to my closet post on glee outfits. A little while later i worked on another project that has yet to be finished and left quite a mess on the living room floor.

So you know how the other day i mentioned how that achey pain is satisfying, well today i disagree with what i said. Today i am in pain and not happy about it.

i was at work for over 9 hours today.
It was long and tiring. At least there were some familiar faces today. One of those familiar faces (Erin) stuck around for awhile and even gave me a ride home.
a small insight to my day/night

I got home around 10:45.
Mom had cooked turkey. SO i got to have turkey dinner with all of the fixings for second dinner.
i finished my dinner and watched part of little women. And now its off to take a shower and go to bed.

Tomorrow mom, susie, and i are going to the antique market and then i get to work. Thankfully i will not be working as long as i did today. 
Where has my weekend gone??????

Friday, March 18, 2011

(62) hi friday

11 hours of sleep later, I'm up. yah i slept in till 11 today. Probably not the best idea since now im still tired. Too much sleep is not a good thing for me

Random, but i think this is necessary to share.
I have horrible skin, especially on my fingers. I always have split or peeling skin and horrible cuticles. The past few days i've been trying to heal this issue. I put prescription ointment on my fingers and then put band aids on them. Apparently these band aids have super strong adhesive because i can't get them off without ripping my skin off with them.
Today i will be going to class with part of a band aid on my left thumb and most of a band aid on my right.
Well, by the time i got to school had managed to get both band aids off. Go me! hahaha-im so lame.

In class today we went over our parent project. I had already reviewed the instructions and had mentally started planning it. I decided to do this project on my own instead of with a group. This eliminates schedule conflicts, different ideas, and group dynamic issues.

On my way home i stopped by once read books and bought water for elephants. I am so ready for spring break. (just one more week- i don't even have class next friday-only 4 days to get through)

Now for a video.
These guys are hilarious. They really bring to life how ridiculous girls can be.

i spent my evening going through magazines and clipping out specific letters for a gift i am making.

For dinner i had leftovers: corned beef and cabbage, and a couple hours later i had a slice of pizza, then 2 oreos and milk.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

(61) its the little things in life

Just one more day of school and then it's the weekend. 
I wish that the weekend equalled relaxing. Unfortunately this weekend is filled with work. Not much of a break for me.

Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my next group project and this one entails a lot more work and planning. 
So now that i am fully aware of what is ahead, here is what has already happened:
...i woke up at 7am. This would have been even more wonderful if i hadn't of gone to bed at 1am. So it was the same amount of sleep i always get instead of an extra hour.
...sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee and perused the pages of the April issue of InStyle magazine.
...went to school
...did my write up for an observation
...went to class
...worked out. I was still sore and tired from tuesdays workout.
...took a brief nap. It wasn't nearly long enough.
...went to my 2pm class
...rode the bus home home and sat in my chair for a couple of hours.
...watched last nights american idol and americas next top model.
...ate corned beef and cabbage and potatoes.
...went to church
...caught up with friends
...continued catching up and hanging out at In-N-Out

Some little things that made me smile today and made me wish i had my camera with me:
-seeing tons of snails on a brick wall
-watching a squirrel run around
-seeing all of the beautiful pink blooming trees around campus
-running into debbie and us spotting a "legit" older man (he was wearing a trenchcoat, boots, a hat, carrying a breifcase, standing next to his fold up bike, smoking a pipe-it was amazing)

The best way to make it through crazy, busy, exhausting days is to focus on the big picture and to appreciate the little things in life and to remember to smile and laugh and enjoy the world God created.

(60) Satisfaction

You know those days when you get home and your legs ache, your feet are throbbing, and your eyes are struggling to stay open? 
That is me right now and somehow it feels great. To me it means i worked hard and this is my body's way of telling me congratulations. I think it is so satisfying. Maybe i like this feeling cause it means i didn't sit on my butt all day being lazy. Well whatever it means, i like it and it should probably happen more often.

Today included:
-studying for my midterm
-going to class-we had a guest lecturer (always a plus in Mr. Mutton chop's, aka monotone's, class)
-reading for my midterm
-took my midterm. I think it went well. 
-bus ride home
-laundry (i needed clean jeans for work)
-throw jeans in the dryer and hope they were done in 50 min.
-ate a small "dinner"-it barely counted
-caught up on emails, computer stuff, etc.
-got ready for work
-pulled my jeans out of the dryer- only slightly damp (could have been much worse)
-got dressed
-worked for 4:30-11:30
-Got home at 11:45

So now i am going to wash my face and hit the hay.
I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Meaning i dont have to wake up until 7am. It's really sad when 7 is sleeping in. Well, i'll take what i can get.

ps i am in a contest on this site
Vote for my look it is currently in 6th place. (By Holly Brookhyser)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(59) Uhhhhhh

It's late (almost midnight) and i just got home from work.
I have a test tomorrow that i haven't really studied for much, so i am off to bed to read myself to sleep and dream about powerpoints and lecture notes.

My test is at 12:30 tomorrow so pray extra hard for me(for focus, memory, clarity, and no distractions*) tomorrow because i will need all the help i can get.
Goodnight and i hope everyone had a terrific tuesday.

*distractions=not having watched glee yet and really wanting to, instyle magazine arriving today and not having even opened it up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

(58) Oh monday

I am semi not a failure. I got up this morning after hitting snooze over a 40 minute period. I went downstairs, poured myself a cup of coffee, and embellished my outline so that i wouldn't feel like a total failure.

Today was a normal school day.
Same old, same old.
I took the bus home and instead of going straight home i stopped at El Burrito Jr. for a late lunch.
I figured, I need to eat anyways and the cleaning ladies will be at the house so i won't be able to get food from the kitchen, so I chose to eat there. I ate a beef tamale and shredded beef soft taco. They were delicious and definitely hit the spot.

I got home in a partial food coma and pretty much remained in that state for the rest of the night. I am such a couch potato. Tomorrow i will get off my lazy butt and workout between class.

Tonight was the Bachelor finale.
There is always so much drama the last night and the "after the final rose" is always full of it too. I won't give anything away in case people haven't watched it yet. So that ends my brief bachelor comment.

I should be in bed before 11 tonight so that's good. It means more rest for a long busy day tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

(57) I'm a failure

So as this title states, I am a failure. I just don't really care about school that much. I have a paper outline due tomorrow. All i have completed is the shell of the outline and the references (which weren't even required). I really have no desire to do this. I looked at the grade breakdown for the class and this wasn't listed. I suppose it might be included in the grade for the actual paper. It can't be worth that many points, right?

Perhaps i will wake up in the morning and loads of information will just fill my head and then end up on paper. Note: this would have to occur before 7:30am. It's possible, but not likely.

The reason this paper isn't done is due to yesterday's laziness and todays happenings (including lots of stalling)
-shopping at Sam's club (which always takes longer than expected)
-putting away groceries
-making a smoothie
-eating lunch
-sitting outside
-i did research (that's a start)
-took a nap
-watched morning glory again
-attempted to keep working on the outline
-picking up my stuff from the living room (the cleaning ladies come tomorrow)
-using facebook games to stall
-watched sister wives
-realized my homework is probably not going to get done and sort of don't care.

And in a half an hour i am going to bed and will hope i wake up inspired and motivated.
Basically i need a divine intervention.
Hope everyone had a good weekend and is refreshed and ready for another week.
Good Night.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

(56) Lazy Bum

I got 10 hrs of much needed sleep last night. I slept in til 9am and then drank coffee and watched DECODED on the history channel unitl 12. Yah we were having a very non productive saturday morning.

For lunch we had italian sausage and angel hair pasta. It was so delicious and def. hit the spot.
I got my creative outlet in today.
I did a project with buttons and designed some rooms on polyvore.

I never changed out of my pajamas today. That is when you know you have had a completely lazy day.
So last week my dad had told me that i didn't match. Today we had another conversation about my pajamas:
Dad: thank you for not matching.
Me: silence..... Why did you just thank me?
Dad: I was wondering if you were going to ask that. You guys are always so fashionable and i feel bad when i don't match. But now i don't have to worry that my pajamas aren't matching. It makes me feel better to see your clothes look like that.
Me: Well my shirt under my sweatshirt matches.
Dad: That doesn't count. I can't see it.
In case you are wondering just what i was wearing, well here you go:
Super bright and definitely not matching
I ate ice cream at 7:30pm instead of dinner.
Moose tracks is my favorite ice cream ever.

Mom turned on Snow White 
At some point at the end of the movie this brief conversation occurs:
 mom: I missed the kiss
Dad: it wasn't that great. It didn't even look like he kissed her on the lips.
I sure love my parents and my dad's comments.

Today was extremely unproductive. I was supposed to work on a research paper outline that is due on monday. I guess that means that i will have to get down to business tomorrow. Yikes, i hate when i do this to myself.
I must say it might have been worth it. I sure needed a "do nothing" day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

(55) It's Friday

This morning I got up at 8am. 
I went online to check my mail and saw that an earthquake hit Japan.
I turned on the TV and watched the news and saw so much devastating footage of the earthquake.
I was surprised to hear that the west coast was on a tsunami watch. I am so thankful that southern California was not severely impacted by the tsunami.
Remember to pray for those in japan and for the families of those who did not survive this catastrophe.

I spent several hours this morning studying for my test at 2pm today.
I went to class and i think i did fairly well on it, at least i hope i did.
After class i went to the gym for an hour. My legs were a little weak afterwards so i say i got a good workout in.

I got home this evening and indulged in my peanut butter oreos. 
My dad tried one and said "this is how they should have made then from the beginning, not that white nasty frosting stuff."
Yah, im not a fan of regular oreos but i am hooked on these.

The best part about this weekend......No work.
The worst part......i have to write an outline for a paper.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

(54) class cancelled=a lot of unproductive "free" time

I got to school today around 8:20am.
The area i normally hang out was being used for some sort of meeting or something. I resorted to sitting by the coffee bean and tea leaf at a small table and only semi comfortable chair.
I was able to get my observation write up written quickly. 
I checked my email before going to class. It was a good thing i checked because my teacher cancelled class today. This meant that i had a very long time before my next class at 2. 
I used that time to start my AWARE paper, look at cloths and modcloth and start getting inspired for a welcome to my closet post, and start watching last nights episode of American Idol.
While i was sitting at my table, i saw Amanda and a little while later Tanya stopped by. Me and Tanya sat and chatted, walked around campus, and then around 1:35 we went our separate ways to class.
Around 3:30 my mom came and picked me up on her way home and we headed to the grocery store. In case you didn't know, you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. We made that mistake. I ended up picking out all kinds of junk food.

Oh i forgot to mention that i wore a dress today. You may be thinking so thats not a big deal. Well i rarely wear dresses and i never wear them to school.
I would like to think my wearing a dress and indulging in chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was  foreshadowing a need to celebrate. I checked the mail tonight and i got an envelope that said do not fold, and was from long beach city college. My Associates degree came today. That's right i have an AA, and in less than 2 years from now i will have 2 bachelors degrees. 

Unfortunately, today did not involve too much studying. I have a test tomorrow and don't feel too prepared for it. The good news is that my class isn't until 2, so that gives me some time in the morning to study and read the textbook.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(53) Results and Scores

A disorganized version of today:
I woke up at 6:40, 6hrs after going to sleep. 
I watched glee before class started.
Today was a day of getting test results back-and not in the medical sense but in the academic way.
Went to class and got some paper and test scores back. I got full points on my paper and a 97% on my exam. Woohooo!!!
I turned in my $300 new zealand deposit.
During my break between classes i took my food handlers test. I passed, but missed some questions i don't even remember answering. Weird.
I got home around 2 and checked my grades online. 
I got a 74% on my family and personal development exam.
I got full points on my friday group project and presentation.

At 4pm it was time for another night of work.
I had a really good shift, made good tips, and wasn't stuck there too late.
I was home and in bed by 11:10.
The best part is that i don't work again until next tuesday. That means i can get all of my homework stuff done this weekend without work getting in the way.

(52) Non-Stop

I feel like i have been going nonstop since i got up this morning.
Today's busy day included:
Waking up at 5:30 am
Leaving for school at 6:50 am
Taking my final exam for FCSE 299 at 8 am
Next class at 9:30 am
Gym from 10:45am to 12:05pm
Turned in my copy of my passport to medora 
Class at 2pm
3:05pm waited for the bus until 3:40-it was very late
got home at 4:05
Took at ten minute shower
ate dinner
blow dried my hair and put on makeup and work cloths
Left for work at 5pm
Got home at 12:05 am

Wow it's no wonder I'm exhausted and achey.
Well its time to go to sleep so that i can wake up and do this all over again.
This time i get to get up an hour later and have work an hour earlier.

Monday, March 7, 2011

(51) Tests, Tests, and more Tests

I have to say, school wouldn't be so bad if ya didn't have to be tested on what was being taught.

I am so tired of studying and taking tests. Last tuesday i had a test (i ended up getting an 83%....ehhhh)
This morning i took a test. I think it went well. At least, it didn't seem too bad.
And tomorrow, I get to take my final for my 7 week class. It will be a bitter sweet day. I will be bitter about taking the test, but the class being over will be oh so sweet.
It wouldn't be so bad if the test was based on lecture. The class only had 2 lectures and the rest is from a big packet of articles and history about home economics and how it became family and consumer science. It is so boring, I can't keep my eyes open. Anyone want to read an article about the betty lamp, cause i sure don't, but i have to if i want to do well on this final. Grrrrrrrr
 Friday, I have another test, and then tuesday i have one too. Will this ever end??????
I think i am done complaining and being dramatic.   

I will end this rant with a taste of what i have in store:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

(50) Over so soon

My weekend of group projects is done. Today we filmed our skit thing and it went really well. The "set" looked great and everything came together quickly. We celebrated the completion of it with eating rice crispy treats. Here is a taste of what we did:

I created an outfit for a contest and it made it into the finals. You can vote for me (look #7):
KRISTINA J.: Let's Pretend It's Spring! Finalists: "I go away for a week and look what you all come up with!I was blown away at all the amazing spring looks you createdand was so inspired I or..."

Another movie i look forward to seeing.
I don't normally like Russell Brand but this movie looks really good.

So i am supposed to be studying right now. It's not going to well, hence the movie trailer watching and dilly dallying.
Well the weekend is almost over and my test is tomorrow morning so I guess I should really open my textbook back up and keep reading and rereading my notes.
Why does the weekend always go so quickly????

I got a slight amount of studying accomplished.
TV got the best of me...and well there are some great shows out there. New discoveries:
Secret Millionaire- A definite tear jerker
Auction Kings- good old antiques and price surprises

Saturday, March 5, 2011

(49) Mish Mash of Stuff


Photo Catch Up:
(these are photos i meant to post throughout the week but forgot to)
Velcro trying to get the birds
Ice....Dad used a spatula-us so cal ppl are not prepared for ice
View from school of the snowy mountains
if you look closely you can see the mountains
Tuesday morning, after the sun came out: 6:30ish

-Me and my pale self spent some time outside in the warm air studying. (I sat in the shade- i knew my skin wouldn't be able to handle the sun)
-I blasted Adele for hours.
-Continued studying inside while watching the movie An Education.
-I made rice crispy treats for John and Jeff's birthday hangout.
-OH My Passport came. The photo is awful but at least I can travel the world and those people can see that i don't really look like my photo.
-Noticed a weird spike in my blog stats. If you are reading my blog, FOLLOW It.