Sunday, March 13, 2011

(57) I'm a failure

So as this title states, I am a failure. I just don't really care about school that much. I have a paper outline due tomorrow. All i have completed is the shell of the outline and the references (which weren't even required). I really have no desire to do this. I looked at the grade breakdown for the class and this wasn't listed. I suppose it might be included in the grade for the actual paper. It can't be worth that many points, right?

Perhaps i will wake up in the morning and loads of information will just fill my head and then end up on paper. Note: this would have to occur before 7:30am. It's possible, but not likely.

The reason this paper isn't done is due to yesterday's laziness and todays happenings (including lots of stalling)
-shopping at Sam's club (which always takes longer than expected)
-putting away groceries
-making a smoothie
-eating lunch
-sitting outside
-i did research (that's a start)
-took a nap
-watched morning glory again
-attempted to keep working on the outline
-picking up my stuff from the living room (the cleaning ladies come tomorrow)
-using facebook games to stall
-watched sister wives
-realized my homework is probably not going to get done and sort of don't care.

And in a half an hour i am going to bed and will hope i wake up inspired and motivated.
Basically i need a divine intervention.
Hope everyone had a good weekend and is refreshed and ready for another week.
Good Night.

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