Friday, March 11, 2011

(55) It's Friday

This morning I got up at 8am. 
I went online to check my mail and saw that an earthquake hit Japan.
I turned on the TV and watched the news and saw so much devastating footage of the earthquake.
I was surprised to hear that the west coast was on a tsunami watch. I am so thankful that southern California was not severely impacted by the tsunami.
Remember to pray for those in japan and for the families of those who did not survive this catastrophe.

I spent several hours this morning studying for my test at 2pm today.
I went to class and i think i did fairly well on it, at least i hope i did.
After class i went to the gym for an hour. My legs were a little weak afterwards so i say i got a good workout in.

I got home this evening and indulged in my peanut butter oreos. 
My dad tried one and said "this is how they should have made then from the beginning, not that white nasty frosting stuff."
Yah, im not a fan of regular oreos but i am hooked on these.

The best part about this weekend......No work.
The worst part......i have to write an outline for a paper.

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