Saturday, March 26, 2011

(70) Spring Break, You are great.

It was earlyish morning(8:30) when me, krissi, and emily hit the road headed for hesperia for sarah's baby shower. 
It was so good to see sarah and her bump. She got tons of adorable baby stuff. The blanket I made was a hit- im glad i decided to make it (gotta love last minute details).

I got home around 3 and was wiped. I ended up sleeping/zoning out for hours.
At some point i realized i'm going on a minivacation tomorrow and haven't packed. I also realized that laundry has not been done in quite some time. Lucky for me, Palm Springs weather will be in the low 80s. That means all of the clothes i've been wearing lately wont even be needed.
I have clean spring/summer clothes!
I packed shorts, dresses, tank tops, a couple of lightweight sweaters, and a swimsuit. Aside from a pair of pants, i think i'm set. Yah yah, i have a few other things to pack too, but at least i don't have to do laundry.
Here is where i will be for the next few days.
Ummm yah, I am so looking forward to a few relaxing days with friends.
If i don't get any posts up over the next few days, well can you blame me....I will be back on Tuesday.

My contest prize came in the mail today:
Plum Willow t-shirt
Autographed photo of Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury)

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