Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(67) Recovery

I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday but definitely not running at 100%
I took some daytime cold and flu medicine and that held me over for a little while.
I nearly fell asleep during my first class.
I continued my soup and tea regimen and it kept me going until i could get home and rest.
I spent my afternoon and evening laying down napping or sitting in my usual spot vegging in front of the tv. As great as this is, it's not very productive.

Around 8, Emily came over and we headed to target where we bought baby shower gifts. There is so much cute baby stuff out there.
While at target i also stocked up on real cold fighting stuff. i bought day time cold and cough medicine and night time robitussin. I have got to kick this ongoing virus to the curb. I cannot stand to be sick any longer.

Note: if any of this is not clear, i blame it on the nighttime cold medicine.

(the girls in the green shamrock shirts are my cousin's twin daughters)

How Do You Get To God? from FCCHB on Vimeo.
Umm my favorite part is around 42 seconds.
"see my leprechaun"
i couldn't stop laughing the first time i watched it.
I hope you enjoyed this as much, if not more, as i did.

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