Thursday, March 24, 2011

(68) I think i'm dying

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. The main issue with today's round of symptoms was that my nose was stuffy and constantly running. This is an awful thing to deal with when at home and is super embarrassing when at school. I was blowing my nose so much and i knew people kept looking at me like what is she doing here, just go home so you don't get the rest of us sick. Trust me, I really wanted to be home, and if i hadn't of already missed this set of classes earlier this week, i would have been home. Instead i got to spend my day feeling miserable at school.

I made it through my school day with the help of a special delivery from emily and her mom. They brought me cha for tea during my break between classes.

When i got home a new symptom of the day had worsened. I had a terrible cough. The one that is painful and doesn't stop. It made me short of breath and continue to wheeze. No amount of cough medicine or cough drops was doing the trick. Have i mentioned i hate being sick and that i was dealing with these same symptoms just a few months back, as in january.

I managed to pull myself together enough to spend time with emily and krissi.
We had dinner at taco surf and then went to the cerritos mall to look for a necklace. 
It was a wonderful and entertaining time. We all have fun no matter what we end up doing-its great to have wonderful friends.

The best part about tomorrow.....
I don't have friday class, so spring break can officially begin.

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