Saturday, March 12, 2011

(56) Lazy Bum

I got 10 hrs of much needed sleep last night. I slept in til 9am and then drank coffee and watched DECODED on the history channel unitl 12. Yah we were having a very non productive saturday morning.

For lunch we had italian sausage and angel hair pasta. It was so delicious and def. hit the spot.
I got my creative outlet in today.
I did a project with buttons and designed some rooms on polyvore.

I never changed out of my pajamas today. That is when you know you have had a completely lazy day.
So last week my dad had told me that i didn't match. Today we had another conversation about my pajamas:
Dad: thank you for not matching.
Me: silence..... Why did you just thank me?
Dad: I was wondering if you were going to ask that. You guys are always so fashionable and i feel bad when i don't match. But now i don't have to worry that my pajamas aren't matching. It makes me feel better to see your clothes look like that.
Me: Well my shirt under my sweatshirt matches.
Dad: That doesn't count. I can't see it.
In case you are wondering just what i was wearing, well here you go:
Super bright and definitely not matching
I ate ice cream at 7:30pm instead of dinner.
Moose tracks is my favorite ice cream ever.

Mom turned on Snow White 
At some point at the end of the movie this brief conversation occurs:
 mom: I missed the kiss
Dad: it wasn't that great. It didn't even look like he kissed her on the lips.
I sure love my parents and my dad's comments.

Today was extremely unproductive. I was supposed to work on a research paper outline that is due on monday. I guess that means that i will have to get down to business tomorrow. Yikes, i hate when i do this to myself.
I must say it might have been worth it. I sure needed a "do nothing" day.

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