Sunday, March 20, 2011

(64) Rainy Sunday

I started my morning at 7am-got dressed and had coffee then breakfast.
At 8am me, mom, and susie headed over to the antique market. We were there for less than one hour and then got rained out. We headed home with our one purchase (6 new, old dining room chairs for $75). It was nice to spend my time before work in sweatpants, cuddled in my soft fuzzy blanket, and hearing the rain outside. This extra time also allowed me to continue editing a video for a group project.

Today concluded the last day of my 4 day work week. 
It was tiring but well worth it.
Today was one of two Sundays that i have ever worked in the past four years. It was kinda weird to be there. Thankfully my manager had agreed to not keep me too late since i was doing them a favor by working. I was off by 4:30. Such a relief.

I got home and put my sweatpants back on and used the rest of the night to finish up projects.
I finished editing and posting a video and then i finished my collage (personal-gift) project.

As always the weekend went bye so fast. I am so glad this is the last week to get through before spring break.
Here's what's coming up:
monday-project presentation(video)
thursday-paper due
saturday-baby shower
sunday-tuesday-palm springs

I am getting to bed early(10:30) so that i am nicely rested for tomorrow and so that i can start this week off on a good foot.

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