Friday, March 18, 2011

(62) hi friday

11 hours of sleep later, I'm up. yah i slept in till 11 today. Probably not the best idea since now im still tired. Too much sleep is not a good thing for me

Random, but i think this is necessary to share.
I have horrible skin, especially on my fingers. I always have split or peeling skin and horrible cuticles. The past few days i've been trying to heal this issue. I put prescription ointment on my fingers and then put band aids on them. Apparently these band aids have super strong adhesive because i can't get them off without ripping my skin off with them.
Today i will be going to class with part of a band aid on my left thumb and most of a band aid on my right.
Well, by the time i got to school had managed to get both band aids off. Go me! hahaha-im so lame.

In class today we went over our parent project. I had already reviewed the instructions and had mentally started planning it. I decided to do this project on my own instead of with a group. This eliminates schedule conflicts, different ideas, and group dynamic issues.

On my way home i stopped by once read books and bought water for elephants. I am so ready for spring break. (just one more week- i don't even have class next friday-only 4 days to get through)

Now for a video.
These guys are hilarious. They really bring to life how ridiculous girls can be.

i spent my evening going through magazines and clipping out specific letters for a gift i am making.

For dinner i had leftovers: corned beef and cabbage, and a couple hours later i had a slice of pizza, then 2 oreos and milk.

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