Thursday, March 17, 2011

(60) Satisfaction

You know those days when you get home and your legs ache, your feet are throbbing, and your eyes are struggling to stay open? 
That is me right now and somehow it feels great. To me it means i worked hard and this is my body's way of telling me congratulations. I think it is so satisfying. Maybe i like this feeling cause it means i didn't sit on my butt all day being lazy. Well whatever it means, i like it and it should probably happen more often.

Today included:
-studying for my midterm
-going to class-we had a guest lecturer (always a plus in Mr. Mutton chop's, aka monotone's, class)
-reading for my midterm
-took my midterm. I think it went well. 
-bus ride home
-laundry (i needed clean jeans for work)
-throw jeans in the dryer and hope they were done in 50 min.
-ate a small "dinner"-it barely counted
-caught up on emails, computer stuff, etc.
-got ready for work
-pulled my jeans out of the dryer- only slightly damp (could have been much worse)
-got dressed
-worked for 4:30-11:30
-Got home at 11:45

So now i am going to wash my face and hit the hay.
I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Meaning i dont have to wake up until 7am. It's really sad when 7 is sleeping in. Well, i'll take what i can get.

ps i am in a contest on this site
Vote for my look it is currently in 6th place. (By Holly Brookhyser)

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