Friday, March 25, 2011

(69) Spontaneity and Productiveness

I didn't have class today and i still ended up waking up at 8 am.  I wish my body would have let me sleep longer.
My mom had the day off so this morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my laptop and sat in bed with her. She was reading and i was listening to music and playing on the computer.

Around 10:30 or 11 i started a baby quilt. I worked on that for a few hours and then got a text message from erin. Today we were finally able to go to the FIDM museum. We had been trying to find a time to go for the past few months but my schedule never worked. So today was the day. We headed to LA around 1:40. The museum features costumes from the movies. Some included: Robin Hood, Inception, Burlesque, The last air bender, chronicles of narnia, the young victoria......
It was so neat to see the detail of the costumes and really get an idea of what all goes into fashion design for costumes.
Here are a couple of photos from our LA adventure.
Ummm...we got briefly lost trying to find our way back to the freeway and ended up in chinatown.

I got home and finished the blanket i was making.

I made dinner tonight: Ravioli and tomato sauce with artichoke. When i finished eating, emily came over and we got some of the finishing elements for the gift and wrapping.
I washed the blanket and then me and emily put together the gift basket for the baby shower.
Note: putting the gift together was not an easy task at the beginning. I had the wrong box...we switched to a basket for all the items to go in. It got much easier after that.

And of course i made the card too.

I am still sick, but am feeling better little by little.
Unfortunately, my mom is getting sick. I guess i passed it on....Oops.

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