Saturday, March 19, 2011

(63) Wiped

I got up around 8 this morning. I sat and enjoyed my coffee while browsing the web and listening to Adele. Then i went on polyvore and started creating. Then i created a welcome to my closet post on glee outfits. A little while later i worked on another project that has yet to be finished and left quite a mess on the living room floor.

So you know how the other day i mentioned how that achey pain is satisfying, well today i disagree with what i said. Today i am in pain and not happy about it.

i was at work for over 9 hours today.
It was long and tiring. At least there were some familiar faces today. One of those familiar faces (Erin) stuck around for awhile and even gave me a ride home.
a small insight to my day/night

I got home around 10:45.
Mom had cooked turkey. SO i got to have turkey dinner with all of the fixings for second dinner.
i finished my dinner and watched part of little women. And now its off to take a shower and go to bed.

Tomorrow mom, susie, and i are going to the antique market and then i get to work. Thankfully i will not be working as long as i did today. 
Where has my weekend gone??????

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