Friday, March 4, 2011

(48) Feeling Accomplished

Oh hello friday. 
Today is the start of my school/project filled weekend.

But before i made it to school i had an interesting start. I was walking to the bus stop and saw two police cars right in front of it. There was a homeless man sitting on the bench and the police were talking to him. Apparently he was spending time at the library but had urinated in public. They asked him to leave and he did. I was still waiting for my bus and then another police officer arrived. Now there were three police cars, no homeless man, and me standing by the police cars. Everyone driving past kept staring as they went bye. I kept thinking about how people probably thought, "what did that girl do." Oh well, i know it had nothing to do with me. The bus arrived but had to pull up way further since the police cars blocked the bus stop. I was worried the bus wouldn't stop and i would have to ask the police officer for a ride. Thankfully i got on (the people on the bus gave me a weird look) and i made it to school and got on with my day.
I got to school at 10:40 and observed at the preschool. One less thing for me to have to do next week.

Today was my parent education backpack project presentation. It went really well. We chose to present first and get it over with. My teacher liked the activity i put together, and asked to keep it-Always a good sign of getting a good grade.

I got home after 4 and postponed my jury duty. (i had needed to do that for a couple of weeks now-the jury duty interfered with my vacation over spring break.) What a relief to have that taken care of.

Now for what the weekend holds:
-studying for a test on ch.1-4 in prenatal development and infancy
-studying for my final FCSE 299-7wk class (reading a packet full of articles, and going over the powerpoint notes)
-Doing research on Irish immigrants settled in new york in 1860 for our project being filmed on sunday
-writing my ch. 9 summary

SO how much of this studying is happening tonight? 
Hmmmmm....probably not much. I just want at least one night not thinking about school. So tomorrow is dedicated to studying.

P.S. I think i have decided to read Water for Elephants over spring break.
I am so excited for the movie to come out in April. I mean can it get much better....Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson...ya it's gonna be good.

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