Thursday, March 17, 2011

(61) its the little things in life

Just one more day of school and then it's the weekend. 
I wish that the weekend equalled relaxing. Unfortunately this weekend is filled with work. Not much of a break for me.

Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my next group project and this one entails a lot more work and planning. 
So now that i am fully aware of what is ahead, here is what has already happened:
...i woke up at 7am. This would have been even more wonderful if i hadn't of gone to bed at 1am. So it was the same amount of sleep i always get instead of an extra hour.
...sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee and perused the pages of the April issue of InStyle magazine.
...went to school
...did my write up for an observation
...went to class
...worked out. I was still sore and tired from tuesdays workout.
...took a brief nap. It wasn't nearly long enough.
...went to my 2pm class
...rode the bus home home and sat in my chair for a couple of hours.
...watched last nights american idol and americas next top model.
...ate corned beef and cabbage and potatoes.
...went to church
...caught up with friends
...continued catching up and hanging out at In-N-Out

Some little things that made me smile today and made me wish i had my camera with me:
-seeing tons of snails on a brick wall
-watching a squirrel run around
-seeing all of the beautiful pink blooming trees around campus
-running into debbie and us spotting a "legit" older man (he was wearing a trenchcoat, boots, a hat, carrying a breifcase, standing next to his fold up bike, smoking a pipe-it was amazing)

The best way to make it through crazy, busy, exhausting days is to focus on the big picture and to appreciate the little things in life and to remember to smile and laugh and enjoy the world God created.

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