Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(66) Sick Day

I woke up this morning an hour later than normal. I slept through my alarm. This NEVER happens. Clearly there was something wrong. I felt so sick this morning. My throat hurt, my body ached, and i was still so tired. I chose to skip my first class but not to miss my 2 o'clock class.
I made myself some tea and curled up in a blanket.
I watched some morning television and fell asleep off and on from 8-1. I was supposed to leave for the bus at 12:40. That didn't happen and i felt so sick i didn't even care that i was missing class. (oh yeah, i also never miss class. It takes a lot for me to not go) 
I was supposed to work today at 5:30 but i couldn't do that either. Called in sick this morning and tried to get someone to cover my shift.

So my day has been spent sleeping, drowning myself in tea, and eating soup. 
I sure hope i wake up feeling better tomorrow.
I can't deal with missing two days of classes.

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