Monday, March 7, 2011

(51) Tests, Tests, and more Tests

I have to say, school wouldn't be so bad if ya didn't have to be tested on what was being taught.

I am so tired of studying and taking tests. Last tuesday i had a test (i ended up getting an 83%....ehhhh)
This morning i took a test. I think it went well. At least, it didn't seem too bad.
And tomorrow, I get to take my final for my 7 week class. It will be a bitter sweet day. I will be bitter about taking the test, but the class being over will be oh so sweet.
It wouldn't be so bad if the test was based on lecture. The class only had 2 lectures and the rest is from a big packet of articles and history about home economics and how it became family and consumer science. It is so boring, I can't keep my eyes open. Anyone want to read an article about the betty lamp, cause i sure don't, but i have to if i want to do well on this final. Grrrrrrrr
 Friday, I have another test, and then tuesday i have one too. Will this ever end??????
I think i am done complaining and being dramatic.   

I will end this rant with a taste of what i have in store:

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