Thursday, March 3, 2011

(47) Thrilling Thursday

Today was an all in all wonderful day.
I spent my hour before class searching for an article for one of my projects.
I went to class and we discussed an upcoming paper for about 30 minutes and then class was finished.
I went back to the lounge and continued researching.
And now you are probably thinking so how is that wonderful??? I'm getting there.....
At 12:15 i met up with the people from my friday group project. While i was with them i got a text from Christina seeing if i was free today. I was so happy to be able to say that i was. My 2pm class was cancelled since my teacher is at a conference. So i finished up with the group stuff and then christina and i headed to LA. We took pictures at Dodger Stadium and then drove through LA and somehow ended up in South Central-thats always fun. We made it to the freeway and headed home.
I got home around 4, took a shower and got ready, then left the house at 5:30 for my second new zealand meeting. When i got to school i was able to catch the teacher i kept meaning to email. I talked to her and am able to observe in the preschool tomorrow at 11, which is before i have to meet up with my group again and for the last time. Things worked out perfectly. At the meeting, I found out that a friend i had a class with last semester is going on the trip. I am so excited to know i have a roomie.
The trip is 3 months away and i am so excited for this semester to be done and my summer adventure to begin. Oh and if you want to help fund me, then there is a link in the sidebar. (Any amount helps)

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