Sunday, March 6, 2011

(50) Over so soon

My weekend of group projects is done. Today we filmed our skit thing and it went really well. The "set" looked great and everything came together quickly. We celebrated the completion of it with eating rice crispy treats. Here is a taste of what we did:

I created an outfit for a contest and it made it into the finals. You can vote for me (look #7):
KRISTINA J.: Let's Pretend It's Spring! Finalists: "I go away for a week and look what you all come up with!I was blown away at all the amazing spring looks you createdand was so inspired I or..."

Another movie i look forward to seeing.
I don't normally like Russell Brand but this movie looks really good.

So i am supposed to be studying right now. It's not going to well, hence the movie trailer watching and dilly dallying.
Well the weekend is almost over and my test is tomorrow morning so I guess I should really open my textbook back up and keep reading and rereading my notes.
Why does the weekend always go so quickly????

I got a slight amount of studying accomplished.
TV got the best of me...and well there are some great shows out there. New discoveries:
Secret Millionaire- A definite tear jerker
Auction Kings- good old antiques and price surprises

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