Thursday, March 10, 2011

(54) class cancelled=a lot of unproductive "free" time

I got to school today around 8:20am.
The area i normally hang out was being used for some sort of meeting or something. I resorted to sitting by the coffee bean and tea leaf at a small table and only semi comfortable chair.
I was able to get my observation write up written quickly. 
I checked my email before going to class. It was a good thing i checked because my teacher cancelled class today. This meant that i had a very long time before my next class at 2. 
I used that time to start my AWARE paper, look at cloths and modcloth and start getting inspired for a welcome to my closet post, and start watching last nights episode of American Idol.
While i was sitting at my table, i saw Amanda and a little while later Tanya stopped by. Me and Tanya sat and chatted, walked around campus, and then around 1:35 we went our separate ways to class.
Around 3:30 my mom came and picked me up on her way home and we headed to the grocery store. In case you didn't know, you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. We made that mistake. I ended up picking out all kinds of junk food.

Oh i forgot to mention that i wore a dress today. You may be thinking so thats not a big deal. Well i rarely wear dresses and i never wear them to school.
I would like to think my wearing a dress and indulging in chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was  foreshadowing a need to celebrate. I checked the mail tonight and i got an envelope that said do not fold, and was from long beach city college. My Associates degree came today. That's right i have an AA, and in less than 2 years from now i will have 2 bachelors degrees. 

Unfortunately, today did not involve too much studying. I have a test tomorrow and don't feel too prepared for it. The good news is that my class isn't until 2, so that gives me some time in the morning to study and read the textbook.

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