Saturday, March 5, 2011

(49) Mish Mash of Stuff


Photo Catch Up:
(these are photos i meant to post throughout the week but forgot to)
Velcro trying to get the birds
Ice....Dad used a spatula-us so cal ppl are not prepared for ice
View from school of the snowy mountains
if you look closely you can see the mountains
Tuesday morning, after the sun came out: 6:30ish

-Me and my pale self spent some time outside in the warm air studying. (I sat in the shade- i knew my skin wouldn't be able to handle the sun)
-I blasted Adele for hours.
-Continued studying inside while watching the movie An Education.
-I made rice crispy treats for John and Jeff's birthday hangout.
-OH My Passport came. The photo is awful but at least I can travel the world and those people can see that i don't really look like my photo.
-Noticed a weird spike in my blog stats. If you are reading my blog, FOLLOW It.

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