Sunday, April 17, 2011

(92) Where did today go?

My alarm didn't go off this morning so i didn't end up waking up until 9am when my dad came in my room.
I quickly got ready for church and drank a cup of coffee.
It was bright, sunny, and warm at home so i chose to wear a skirt and a short sleeved sweater.
As we approached church we were driving into a cold haze.
Completely different weather than what was at home.

After church the parents and I went to lunch at village cafe.
I had french fries and a Cali philly cheese steak. 
When i got home I sat down with the sunday paper, looked through the ads, and then i cut coupons.
Then I took a wonderful nap on the couch.
The rest of the afternoon and evening is a blur of tv watching and internet surfing. 
(american pickers, one tree hill, extreme makeover home edition, the apprentice, 
browsed etsy vintage dishes)
Mom made cookies, and i ate cookie dough and a couple of pieces of fruit for dinner-so healthy right?

I hate when i waste my day, yet sometimes its nice not to do homework and to just enjoy doing nothing.

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  1. It was good seeing you at church! And I liked your outfit.