Sunday, April 24, 2011

(97) Really, saturday?

It is after 1 a.m. so I am going to keep this as short as possible so that i can go to sleep.

morning: (10-12)
coffee...spilled it all over the deck-my hand spassed out or something.
sat outside on the pond deck with mom and Velcro(on a leash)
Afternoon: (12-3:30)
lunch...left over spaghetti
one tree hill...several episodes
Easy A
loaded the dishwasher
got ready for work
left for work
Evening/night/early morning: (4-12:40)
My shift was going really well. It seemed like we would be able to finish everything up early. At 10:22 a woman walked in saying she had a party of 20 people coming. We close at 10:30. Our manager made us take them even though they wouldn't be seated til after closing. Me and Ann were not thrilled about this. They weren't seated until 10:45 at the earliest. Oh and it ended up being over 25 people. 
They left around 11:45. Me, Ann, and Tyler finished cleaning and closing up the place. We finished a little after 12:30. Way too late to be at work and it was about an hour later than when we expected to leave.

So that was my day and night.
Happy Easter.
He is risen!

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