Monday, April 25, 2011

(99) Productive Monday

I am going to try to stay productive and not spend too much time on this blog.

*Picked up my stuff from around the ladies came today
*skimmed through my articles and started highlighting important info for the paper
*got out of class and continued research and writing my paper
* was such a wonderful afternoon. Some of the people remembered me and were happy to see me again.
*Home and immediately got to work on my paper.
*Ate dinner......left over steak 
*Got back to work on the paper
*the paper writing continued
*at 10pm i had 5 pages done, so i have 3 more to go. 
*I am taking my articles up to my room so that i can lay in bed and continue being productive and then fall asleep whenever i get tired enough.
*Tomorrow i will finish the last 3 pages. But i must say, I am feeling pretty good about being productive.
(i even fit in some background tv time)

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