Sunday, April 10, 2011

(84) Semi-Satisfying Saturday

I woke up at 9am this morning. I suppose one could say i slept in, yet i don't really think its sleeping in when you didn't go to bed until after one. I still only got 8 hours of sleep, which i suppose is better than my usual 6 hours. Oh and i could have easily slept longer. I forced myself to get up so that i could be productive and actually get stuff done.

I had a cup of coffee and enjoyed my morning internet searching, wishing, and dreaming. (this includes looking at clothes i cant buy, looking at creative DIY blogs, and searching things on etsy that i don't need to buy)

At 10am i started studying. I went out back and enjoyed the warm sun and cold air. I was out there for two hours while my parents were working around the yard.
At 12 i went inside and made lunch for the fam.
At 1 went back outside to keep studying. I stopped at 2:30 and went inside to start getting ready for work.
I took my time doing my makeup and did my hair quickly-first attempt and it turned out how i wanted. Today i used myself as my creative outlet. My hair was slicked back with my part to the side. I put my hair in a ponytail and then twisted it into a low bun. I used a hair tie and then secured it with large bobby pins. It ended up looking very ballerina-esque.

At 3:30 i left for work. My shift started off at 4 and started off on a bad foot. I had horrible tips right from the start. I went on break at 5 and ate some food hoping it would help my mood. (it didn't help) Things didn't start to improve until around 7:30. I was closing tonight and didn't end up finishing until 11:30. The good news is i got to close with my friend Ann. She took me home and we ended up sitting in the car for about 40 minutes chatting. I love car chats with friends.

(I went in my room and realized i should take a picture of my hair...I got caught up in photo booth.) 
This should give you an essence of "my look" today.
(wow i just realized my clavicle bones stick out really far...thats kind of disturbing)
Anyways its after one am... i think this previous statement should be a sign that i need to go to sleep now.
I hope everyone is having a satisfying and fun weekend.

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