Monday, April 4, 2011

(79) Success and a plan

Spring Break is officially over.
I woke up at 6am and never really fell back alseep during my 15minutes of "snooze."
My mind was ready to start the day and I was motivated.

Before class started i was able to finish up one of my paragraphs for the paper i was working on.
Unfortunately i didn't have my book, so i couldn't get more done at school.

It was a good back to school day post spring break. (i know that is a horrible and unclear sentence but i've been writing for hours...cut me some slack)
I got home around 2:15 and immediately went back to working on my paper.
At 4 i went with erin to look at a studio apartment.
I got my baby fix there. We had gone outside to look at the parking situation. A mom and her little girl were outside. The little girl toddled over to me and put her arms out. SO I asked the mom if i could pick her up. The mom had no problem with that. SO i got to hold this adorable little girl. She was maybe one years old.

I got back home around 5. I ate dinner and then i realized i was too tired to do anything productive. I took a nap from 6:30 to 7:15. When i woke up i got right back to working on my paper. The paper was done by 9:45. It was supposed to be a minimum of 6 pages, mine ended up being 8. I think i did well-normally i did the minimum, so i feel good about doing more than that.

Here is the homework plan for the rest of the week:
tuesday: write my miniproject paper between classes.(due wed), Start my micro teaching assignment.
Wednesday:complete micro teaching assignment(due thursday), research for parent project.
Thursday: Complete the outline for the parent project (due friday)
It is not going to be a fun week but all of my nights are full, so my days have to be productive otherwise i am doomed.

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