Friday, April 22, 2011

(96) Twofer

Twofer: an abbreviation for a two for one. The title of this blog meaning two days in one post.

Yesterday i chose to go to sleep at a reasonable hour (10pm) so that meant me sacrificing my blog time.
Its probably a good thing i didn't do a post yesterday cause i was in a really bad mood. Mainly i was brooding about one of my classes and a ridiculous time consuming assignment.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened yesterday.
I skipped my 9:30 class- so i got an extra hour of sleep and then spent 3 hours working on a computer assignment. I went to class at 1:30 and found out that my strong angry emotions were shared by many of my classmates. Basically we all can't stand this class. But i felt so much better after venting and finding out that i was receiving higher scores than other people.
Later in the evening my parents and i walked over to the park. 
Here are our findings:
Great Horned Owl

Nest with one of the Babies


Cute Squirrel

Squirrel on the move

Owl's meal, or what is left of it

Some kind of bird foot

It had interesting webbing and was rather large

Today is a new day and it was so much better than yesterday.
I volunteered from 8-12am at the Intercommunity Care Center in Long Beach. 
"Intercommunity Care Center is a 147 bed Skilled Nursing Facility which specializes in providing care to the confused, wandering, geriatric person."
What I didn't realize is that they care for people who are functioning well enough not to be in a psychiatric ward. It was a very good and interesting experience. 
I went home after 12 and was exhausted. I made some guacamole and ate it for lunch. at 1:30 Dad drove me to school. I was dreading having to be there for a few hours. When i got to class I found out that only one group was doing presentations today. I was expecting at least 2 groups. I was out of class a little bit before 3. I caught the bus shortly after arriving at the bus stop. I got home and rested. I ended up taking a nice long nap. I woke up to Velcro trying to eat my hair. (she is so weird...and she doesn't give up easily-i had to pin her down, push her away, and eventually kick her out of my room.) Around 6 i got dressed for church. 7PM was a wonderful good friday service at church. Afterwards we picked up groceries at trader joe's. We headed home and mom made spaghetti and italian sausage. It was so wonderful to hang out in the kitchen with the family.
The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching tv and playing with the crazy cat.
What a wonderful Friday.

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