Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(95) Momentarily Blurred

Now that it is getting close to midnight i am having trouble remembering what happened today.
Right now all i can think about is how tired, exhausted, achey, stressed, and over work and school I am.

Im going to put my thinking cap on.
Or maybe i will sit like winnie the pooh "think...think think...think...oh bother"

It may have worked.

I got to school and spent my hour before class looking over and setting up a computer assignment.
Basically i located and saved all of the articles that i have to summarize.
I spent the rest of my time watching one tree hill online. 
While the video was buffering i skimmed the articles.

I went to class at 9:20 and was done around 10:20.
I went back to the lounge and attempted to work on the computer assignment. I quickly gave up and ended up listening to music and reading blogs.
I walked over to dr. medoras office hoping she was there so that i could pick up some fundraiser candy, but she wasn't there.
I walked back to the lounge and ate pretzels and 2 tangerines (aka lunch). 
I read part of an article that was for my 12:30 class and then couldn't keep my eyes open.
I took a 15 minute nap and then went to class.
After class i walked back to dr medoras office hoping to catch her at the tail end of office hours, but once again she was not there.
I caught the bus and headed home.
As soon as i got home i cooked some food. I was so hungry, my lunch was not filling.
I ate what i cooked and watched glee, then parenthood.

At 4pm i got ready for work and i left at 4:15.
I was at work from 4:45-10:30
My shift started off good, but then it got really busy, little things kept happening and getting messed up.
At some point i was so behind, so frustrated, so overwhelmed. I snapped. All i wanted to do was relieve the stress and scream instead, i stood by the soda machine with my mouth shut and tears rolling down my face. I am so tired of my emotions building up and bursting at inconvenient times.
I was able to get a glass of water and go to the back and take big gulps of water and take deep breaths.
I reminded myself that everything was fine. I got back out on the floor and continued my shift fairly smooth after that.

But believe me i was so over my night of work.
Let me just say, sometimes it sucks being a waitress, and tonight was just one of those nights.
Well now that i have remembered today and expressed just how awful work was, i think i will go to sleep now. Last nights 5 hours was not enough.

Tomorrow is another day. I am so grateful for that. A fresh start, different experiences, better emotions, different outlook, one day closer to the weekend.

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