Monday, April 18, 2011

(93) Another monday

Hello again monday. This is how i started off my week.
*class (9:30-10:10)
*planned classes with a friend
*overheard a woman on the phone trying to make reservations, "NAPA NAPA NAPA!" (she was not a happy person. This went on for quite awhile and everyone in the room kept looking over at her)
*ate lunch-chicken and broccoli from home
*class, it got out early since my teacher wasn't feeling well (12:30-1:30)
*dropped off a sees candy order at Dr. Medora's office and discussed details about New Zealand

After School:
*walked to my hair lady's house
*got my hair cut
*ate at Rascals
*went with Erin to look at an apartment

*Compy (computer) time
*ate fruit: mango and peaches
*Finished cooking the dinner mom started
*ate dinner in the kitchen with dad
*watched a rerun of project runway
*took a nap
*ate cookie dough
*was extremely lazy
*did absolutely no homework

I hope you all had a more productive evening than mine.
If not, I hope you enjoyed relaxing as much as i did.

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