Saturday, April 16, 2011

(90) Friday with Friends

I went to school in the morning and got out of class at 11:30. 
I rode the bus home.
Krissi was at my house waiting for me to get home and then we went and got lunch.
Baja Sonora. Always delicious. They have my favorite salsa. Of course i ate tons of it.
When i came home, i changed into shorts. (It was so hot outside)
Mom, susie, and i went to Armstrongs nursery and picked out beautiful plants.
I picked out pink and yellow ranunculus. Possibly my favorite flower.
After unloading the plants, i headed over to Erin's for "studying."
I only put that in quotes for myself. Everyone else was studying, but i had already spent my morning at school and i had no desire to work on my papers.
Later that night we all (me, erin, julie, chris, eddie, nick, jimmy) went to dinner.
Can you guess where we went from these not clear pictures?
Does this one help?

In case you couldn't guess, which chances are you couldn't, we went to taco surf in sunset beach.
It was so fun. There was live music, delicious food, and great friends.
Later the "study" session continued.
I watched country strong on my laptop. I also took a nice long nap around 11:30. I woke up around 12:45 and erin took me home. I felt so out of it. I think i was Sleep Wasted. I couldn't walk straight or think straight and i was completely sober. I was under the influence of a late night nap.
 When i got home and had crawled in my bed I fell right asleep

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