Thursday, April 14, 2011

(89) short day bliss

A shorter day.
i got to school and caught up on some blogs and a video and then headed over to class.
I got out of class at 10:30 and caught the bus home at 10:40. Wonderful timing.
I was happy to be home. In case you were wondering i didn't have any bus mishaps.
I made some phone calls and then watched recorded shows.
I took a nap.
i woke up an hour or so later but continued to rest and tried to not cough up my lungs. A pile of tissues grew on the table next to me. Ya, the sickness is hanging in there....i hate it.

At 6:30 i went to church.
So many other people are sick too.
I came home around 9:30.
Watched triple rush-a show about bike messengers (and these people are nuts)

Photo tidbits from today
(juicer, lemon, honey)
What do you do with these items?

Make a small glass of lemonade
Ending the night with a cup of tea
Details of my outfit

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