Thursday, June 2, 2011


Its been a few days since i've blogged. I am going to try to remember what i've done.

(135) Tuesday May 31st
New Zealand Class 1-4
-received packing list and luggage tag
One week til i leave

Makeup & Hair: Before and After
Outfit of the day
I don't really remember the rest of the day.
I did study for a quiz that happened on Wednesday.

(136) Wednesday June 1st
Its June!
Last New Zealand Class (12-2:20)
Quiz in a 90%
Dr. Appt. at health services at school
-She said she couldn't give me any antibiotics...which means i spent $15 to be told to use Sudafed, wash my hands constantly, not touch my face, and to disinfect everything i come into contact with. Thanks Dr. so helpful. I was not happy when i left. I was mainly frustrated that i keep getting sick and that the dr.s can't do anything to help me. I am so tired of being sick and not feeling like myself. And i'm worried about my ears and how they are going to do with flying. (they constantly feel plugged)
Came home and watched TV
finished watching the movie That's What I Am
Walked to El Burrito and treated my dad and brother to dinner
watched So You Think You Can Dance
went to bed

Outfit of the day

FYI: dry shampoo is my new favorite product...that stuff is amazing

(137) Thursday June 2nd
(5 days til i leave for NZ)
woke up at 6...couldn't fall back asleep
turned on a movie
fell back asleep 30 min. into the movie
woke up at 11am
listened to music
watched tv
ran errands with mom and susie around 2pm
spent time out back with mom
watched tv
made a categorized packing list
what does the evening hold?
...watching movies
...who knows

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