Monday, May 30, 2011

(134) Memorial Day

Everyone was home today. It was so weird but really nice.

I slept in til 9am
had coffee
listened to music
read a magazine (and by read i mean looked at pictures and if it looked interesting, skimmed the article)
did a mini workout
went outside
made took quite a while 
ate outside as a family
we had: bratwurst (role+caramelized onion+sauerkraut+ketchup), zucchini, and pasta salad
dessert: dump cake and drumsticks (ice cream)
so much good food
after eating i came inside and turned on a movie and worked on sudoku puzzles
took a long nap from 5:30-7pm
watched tv
at 8 i watched the bachelorette (i also had another bratwurst) and then extreme makeover weight loss edition

other stuff about today:
*throughout the day i was on polyvore and more of my favorite time wasters 
*i had multiple helpings of dump cake 
*got a little sun on my legs...i am way too white
*music that i listened to:

Movies i look forward to seeing...look really good...seem interesting

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