Friday, May 27, 2011

(131) I love Fridays Again

Only 11 more days until New Zealand
I am ready to leave and yet i am still very unprepared to go.
Gotta love mixed feelings preparedness.
I still have to get warm clothes/raincoat and pack and figure what exactly i am packing. 
Ok, so i am happy that i still have over a week to pull everything together.

woke up at 8:15
drank coffee
watched morning tv
got dressed
used my new dry shampoo (it kind of hair looked better than it did before)
ate some breakfast
walked to the bus stop
rode the bus to school (today is the last day i can ride for free until fall semester)
class from 12-3
(so much went by a lot slower than the last two classes. Watched a film on the Maori)
caught the bus with three minutes to spare...great timing today
got home
ate soup
watched tv
ate salami and ham
compy time
found these really cute shoes made by keds
Listened to music
Ate dinner: Der

Watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
felt somewhat guilty about my dinner of choice...oh well it still tasted really good

yes i did it again... there is just one more cup of ice cream left and then my binge will be done
So delicious

 Our Family Photo came today:
Yes, I am really that white
(and it won't be improved until mid july)
 Today's Outfit

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