Thursday, May 26, 2011


woke up at 8:50
got dressed
watched tv
finished getting ready
went to school
class from 12-3
went to the student health center with 3 of my classmates to find out about getting antibiotics to take on our trip for in case we get sick
(they looked at us like we were crazy
the nurse is going to email our professor and see what they can do
there is hope for us)
took the bus home
picked up late lunch early dinner from el burrito jr
got home around 4:15 and ate the whole burrito
watched tv
took a nap
lounged around
stumble upn
So you think you can dance
old episode of project runway

Todays guilty pleasures
-eating a whole burrito
-spending my evening in sweatpants
-taking a nap on a day i sort of slept in
-eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream instead of dinner
-bought music

Good News:
I got straight A's this semester (6 classes)

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