Sunday, May 15, 2011

(119) SO it begins

Another week has begun

AND it happens to be my last week of school for the semester which means it's finals week.

It also means it is doom week.

But lets start with today:
*lunch w/ the p-rents at In-N-Out
(animal style fries and 1/2 of a hamburger)
*shopping at Sam's club
*came home
*cut coupons
*took a nap (2-4pm)
*pulled out my textbook and paper requirements
*did a little research
*made a rough paper outline
*got unmotivated
*watched lots of house renovation/garden tv shows
*ate a lot throughout the day....felt like an endless pit
(enchiladas, pasta, dr.p, diet coke, pirates booty)
*the rest of the night was wasted away on my computer and watching tv
*I am hoping now that i am napped up and soda up'd that i can stay awake and do my study guide
SO on tuesday my 8 pager is due and i have a final for that same class. I have a 90% in the class. If i want to keep an A, i really need to do well (get an A) on the paper and test.

I am off to try and be productive in the final hours of tonight. You can see how that went tomorrow.

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