Sunday, May 8, 2011

(112) Mothers day

Here at the Brookhyser household, we had a fairly kick back get things done kind of day.

We ordered breakfast from Village Cafe. 
Dad went and picked it up. We ate out on the pond deck.
I folded laundry. 
Mom painted some lawn furniture.

It's my dad's favorite color.
I took some photos.

I ate a second breakfast.
Pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips. YUMMM.
Then i got caught up in a project runway marathon.
Spent a lot of time on stumble upon.
Stumbled upon this:
AND found this on a blog:
I really want to try it.

For a late lunch we had El Pollo Loco.
I took a nap.
continued watching project runway.
Started working on my volunteer reflection paper.
Ate my leftover burger from yesterdays lunch form ruby's 
Project runway ended at 8pm then the apprentice was on.
I finished my paper around 11pm.

SO now that i look back at today....all i did was eat, watch tv, do a little homework, and fold some laundry. I guess that is getting stuff done. I think the rest of the family was more productive than i was.

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