Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(121) Day 1 of finals

Yes, this is one day behind.

Yesterday was the first of my 3 finals.

The plan was to get up around 7, continue studying and then get to school a little early and then take the final at 10:15.
My body had other plans. 
Velcro woke me up around 5am.
I got up to use the restroom, and velcro followed me.
i crawled back in bed, settled in and waited for velcro to settle in too.
Instead she got on my bed and bit my arm.
I then got out of bed and kicked her out of my room (more like tossed her out of my room)
i got back in bed and my mind starting going in so many directions.
i leave for new zealand in 3 weeks from today...what luggage am i taking...what clothes am i packing...when i come back how much should i work...i'll have jury duty a wk. later...then i leave for a roadtrip....its going to be so hot...i hope the weather change doesn't make me i am really going to be gone a lot this summer...could i squeeze in time to go visit my friends where they are staying.....
It went on and on. I finally realized i wasn't going to fall back to sleep. I got out of bed at 6am.
Sat down with a coup of coffee.
enjoyed listening to the rain
Continued studying.
took a shower and got dressed
went to school really early (8ish)
went to the lounge and kept studying.
took a nap
(30 minutes, i woke up every 10 minutes and checked the time)
kept on studying
went to class
turned in my 8 page paper
took my final
waited 20 min for the bus
bus ride home
el burrito jr. for lunch
then walked home
watched tv
took several naps
studied for my HDEV fianl off and on the rest of the night.
by study i mean i copied all of the notes from the final review powerpoint (52 slides)
for dinner we had an array of food from deli news
watched part of the biggest loser
watched the one tree hill good...and its renewed for 13 more episodes :)
watched glee
slept on the couch

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