Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(113) How is this still happening?

Isn't something supposed to become habit after doing it 56 times. I could have that number wrong but the concept is right. How is it that i have been doing daily blogs for over 100 days and yet i still go to bed without posting. I still don't understand it.

Anyways here is what happened yesterday (monday):

Woke up at 7am
breakfast-leftover village cafe food from mothers day
went to school
Last day of MW 9:30 class
got my 9 page paper back
96/100 + 5 extra credit =101 (WIN!)
picked up 2 graded assignments from a different professors office
edited an assignment
compy time
polvore exploration of gowns
lunch- carl's jr santa fe chicken
class at 12:30
turned out to be the last class meeting
(this means i have no class on wednesday!) 
rode the bus home
the cleaning ladies were still at the house so i hung out next door.
came home
took a nap
made felt pieces for a project
ate rice
watched tv-lots of home shows
ate homemade macaroni and cheese
watched gossip girl
went to sleep 

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